Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Zombie GobbleGum

0GobbleGums are an all new mechanic featured in Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode.

They add another layer of player power-ups that can offer consumable bonuses, abilities or in-game power-up such as Full Ammo, Instant Pack-a-punch Gun or all perks in the beginning of the game.

GobbleGums are can obtain from in-game GobbleGum Machines which cost 500 Points and can only be used once a round. They act similar to the Mystery Box, where only one Machine can be used until it runs out of uses. These GobbleGums cannot be stacked, so getting another GobbleGum will result in the previous one to be replaced.

Initially, players using the GobbleGum Machines are limited to the default 5 GobbleGums Balls which are Always Done Swiftly, Arms Grace, Coagulent, In Plain Sight and Stock Option. As the player levels up in Zombies mode, they are given more access to other GobbleGums.

As players start leveling up and gaining new GobbleGums, they can customize which 5 GobbleGums will show up in their games.

GobbleGums are color coded to how they are activated:

Color Activation
Blue Immediately and lasts x Round
Orange Immediately and lasts x Actions
Green Immediately and lasts x Minutes
Purple Player Choice and lasts x Rounds/Actions/Minutes

Mega GobbleGums are the more potent GobbleGums that can only be obtained through Dr. Monty’s Factory where players trade in Liquid Divinium which are found throughout the game for Mega GobbleGums or through the Shadows of Evil Easteregg. Depending on how much Liquid Divinium is spent will result in the rarity of the Mega GobbleGums.

Mega GobbleGums have 3 raritys: Common, Rare and Ultra Rare which are described by their appearance in the order of Dots, Stripes then Wood-like texture.


GobbleGum Level Activation & # of Uses Effect
Always Done Swiftly 1 Immediately, 3 Rounds Walk faster while aiming. Raise and lower your weapon to aim more quickly. 
Arms Grace 1 Immediately Respawn with the guns you had when you bled out.
Coagulent 1 Immediately, 20 minutes Longer bleedout time.
In Plain Sight 1 Player Choice (2x), 10 sec/each You are ignored by zombies for 10 seconds.
Stock Options 1 Immediately, 3 Minutes Ammo is taken from your stockpile instead of your weapon’s magazine.
Impatient 3 Immediately Respawn near the end of the current round instead of at the start of the next round.
Sword Flay 6 Immediately, 2.5 minutes Melee attacks deal zombies 5x as much damage.
Anywhere But Here 10 Player Choice (2x) Instantly teleport to a random location. A concussive blast knocks away any nearby zombies, keeping you safe.
Danger Closest 15 Immediately, 3 Rounds Zero explosive damage.
Armamental Accomplishment 21 Immediately, 3 Rounds Switch weapons and recover from performing melee attacks faster. Reload and use items more quickly.
Firing On All Cylinders 26 Immediately, 3 Rounds Can fire while sprinting.
Arsenal Accelerator 30 Immediately, 10 minutes Charge your special weapon faster.
Lucky Crit 32 Immediately, 1 Round Improves your chances of activating an Alternate Ammo Type.
Now You See Me 34 Player Choice (2x), 10 seconds All zombies will chase you for 10 seconds.
Alchemical Antithesis 35 Player Choice (2x) , 1 minute/each Every 10 points earned is instead awarded 1 ammo in the stock of the current weapon.

Mega GobbleGums

GobbleGum Rarity Activation & # of Uses Effect
Aftertaste Common Immediately, 3 Rounds Keep all perks after being revived.
Burned Out Common Immediately, 2 Hits The next time you take melee damage, nearby zombies burst into fire.
Dead of Nuclear Winter Common Player Choice (2x) Spawn a nuke power up.
Ephemeral Enhancement Common Player Choice (2x), 1 min/each Turns the weapon in your hands into Pack-a-Punched weapon.
I’m Feeling Lucky Common Player Choice (2x) Spawn a random power up.
Immolation Liquidation Common Player Choice (3x) Spawns a fire sale power up.
Licensed Contractor Common Player Choice (3x) Spawns a Carpenter power up.
Phoenix Up Common Player Choice Revives all teammates. Teammates keep all of their perks.
Pop Shocks Common Immediately on Melee Melee attacks trigger an electrostatic discharge, electrocuting nearby zombies.
Respin Cycle Common Player Choice (2x) Re-spins the weapons in a magic box after it has been activated.
Unquenchable Common Immediately at max perks Can buy an extra perk.
Who’s Keeping Score Common Player Choice (2x) Spawns a double points power up.
Cache Back Rare Player Choice (2x) Spawns a max ammo power up.
Kill Joy Rare Player Choice (2x) Spawns an Instakill power up.
On the House Rare Player Choice Spawns a free perk power up.
Wall Power Rare Immediately The next gun bought off a wall comes Pack-a-Punched.
Killing Time Ultra Rare Player Choice All zombies freeze in place for 20 seconds. If they are shot, they will be annihilated when the time is up.
Perkaholic Ultra Rare Immediately Gives you all perks in the map.

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