Path of Exile | Delve

Path of Exile revealed their next league, Delve that will be launching on August 31th, roughly in three weeks time. Delve will feature an infinite dungeon where players will be delving into the Azurite Mine in search of gear and treasure.

Left untouched for over 250 years, the Azurite Mine has been consumed by a malevolent darkness that cast out the Eternal Empire. Niko, an inventor, has harnessed the power of Voltaxic Sulphite to create a machine called the Crawler that can pierce the darkness. Delve into the mine but don’t leave the Crawler’s light for long or you’ll be crushed by the darkness.
The Crawler will speed up if you get ahead of it.

Players can find game longevity in the Azurite Mine because any Azurite found while within the mine can be used to upgrade the crawler, buy flare or dynamite allowing the player to get delve further and stay longer in the mines.


The Delve league features a new stackable currency called fossils that can be slotted into resonator which are pretty much are advance version of the currency that we already have. The difference is that the currency has fossil slots which allow players to pick specific themed mods they want for their items. Such as physical focused, minion focused, has an essence mod, etc.



The Azurite Mine feature new creatures, bosses, mechanics, and visuals alongside existing creatures and mechanics that were specific to previous leagues. The Delve Expansion also feature the return of the Reliquary which now give an even rate of dropping any of the 150 Unique Relics that were specific to previous leagues.

As always, new league means new skill such as Toxic Rain & Smite, plus existing skill changes, divination cards and new uniques, some which are exclusive to the Azurite Mine. The Delve League is focused on game longevity, giving players more things to do such as an infinite dungeon alongside more PvE competition such as an Azurite Mine depth leaderboard.

Lastly, the Delve league includes a graphical upgrade to water and the lighting system that benefit both skills and MTX without adding too much strand on performance.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | PC Open Beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Weekend 2 Private Beta is currently live for Playstation, Xbox and PC which will end on August 13th at 10 AM. In order to get into the Private Beta for Playstation and Xbox, players would have to pre-order the game, get lucky in code giveaways by Activision on social media and other new sites or be an Xfinity internet customer which is giving out codes here.

Luckily, there is a PC Open Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tomorrow starting at 10AM and ending on August 13th at 10 AM.

The Beta includes 4 maps: Playload, Contraband, Seaside and Frequency that can be played in these game modes: TDM, Control, Domination and Search & Destroy.

Warframe | Acolytes Return

The Acolytes have returned in Warframe with the exclusion of Misery. A random Acolyte will be on the Star Chart until it’s defeated then it will be replaced with another one. It is unknown when they will be here again, so it’s a good time to farm their unique mods before they leave.

The mods that drop from each Acolyte are below:


  • Body Count – Combo Duration+
  • Repeater Clip – Shotgun Fire Rate+
  • Spring-Loaded Chamber – Rifle Fire Rate+
  • Pressurized Magazine – Pistol Fire Rate+


  • Focused Defense – +Armour -Channel Effiency
  • Guided Ordnance – Rifle Accuracy+
  • Targeting Subsystem – Pistol Accuracy+
  • Narrow Barrel – Shotgun Accuracy+


  • Catalyzer Link – Rifle Status Chance+
  • Embedded Catalyzer – Pistol Status Chance+
  • Weeping Wounds – Melee Status Chance+
  • Nano-Applicator – Shotgun Status Chance+


  • Hydraulic Crosshairs – Pistol Critical Chance+
  • Blood Rush – Melee Critical Chance+
  • Laser Sight – Shotgun Critical Chance+
  • Argon Scope – Rifle Critical Chance+


  • Shrapnel Shot – Shotgun Critical Damage+
  • Bladed Rounds – Rifle Critical Damage+
  • Sharpened Bullets – Pistol Critical Damage+
  • Maiming Strike – Melee Critical Damage+


EVO 2018 | Announcements

EVO 2018 has just ended and as usual when most of the major games conclude their tournament at EVO, they have something to announce. Announcements made at EVO 2018 are:

Tekken 7

3 new characters were announced to be coming to Tekken 7: Lei Wulong, Anna Williams and Negan from The Walking Dead.

Soul Calibur VI

Astaroth and Seung Mi-na were revealed to be coming back in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI.

Dragonball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ revealed a gameplay trailer for the upcoming base Goku and Vegeta characters alongside their next DLC fighter, Cooler.

Super Smash Bros.

Street Fighter

The remaining two characters from Street Fighter V’s Season 3 Characters have received an introduction trailer and gameplay trailer. Both G and Sagat will be released today.

Warframe | Tactical Alert: Proxy Rebellion


It’s been a while since Warframe had an event and even longer for a Tactical Alert Event. This Proxy Rebellion Tactical Alert Event will last 3 days starting on July 27th and ending on July 30th.

The Proxy Rebellion Event has 4 missions with increasing levels of difficulty starting at Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and to Europa.

  • Mars – Defence – Rewards: 50,000 Credits + 1,500 Endo
  • Neptune – Interception – Rewards: 50,000 Credits + Exilus Adapter
  • Jupiter – Survival – Rewards: 50,000 Credits + Orokin Catalyst Blueprint + Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • Europa – Defence – Rewards: Rift Sigil + Stratos Emblem

Overwatch | Wrecking Ball

Overwatch revealed their 28th hero today and it’s a hamster in a huge mech with the codename Wrecking Ball. The hamster’s real name is Hammond and this hero is a very mobile tank capable of disruption enemy positions alongside being a threat to the backline.

Wrecking Ball’s tinkering capabilities and iron-clad mech make him a formidable tank hero, capable of bowling through the front line of the opposition and causing mayhem in the back line.



Automatic assault weapons.


Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.


Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high speed collisions to damage and knockback enemies.


Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.


Create temporary personal shields. Amount increases with more enemies nearby.


Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.

Warframe | Limbo Prime New Relics

Here are all the relics that the Limbo Prime Access update has brought in, these Relics will replace the ones that had Nekros Prime and his Arsenal of Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime from the relic drop tables.

Limbo Prime in total brings 2 Lith, 2 Meso, 3 Neo and 3 Axi New Relics.

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