Overwatch | 2018 New Cosmetics

On January 23rd, not only is Overwatch getting their new map Blizzard World but it’s also getting over 100+ new cosmetics containing new sprays, player icons and skins for all the heroes.

The majority of the new skins showcased are legendary skins themed after characters from other blizzard titles such as Nova Widowmaker and Butcher Roadhog.



Dragon Ball Fighter Z | Extended Open Beta

Due to the technical difficulties that causes many players to be unable to play the previous Open Beta of Dragon Ball Fighter Z to it’s fullest, there will be another Open Beta happening. The Open Beta will begin today at 9:00 PST and last until tomorrow at 9:00 PST on PS4 and Xbox One and will have everything the previous Open Beta had.


Destiny 2 | Season 2 Faction Rally

Destiny 2‘s newest update includes the Season 2 Faction Rally Event where players will pledge their allergenic to one faction of Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult and obtain Faction tokens through public events, lost sectors, chests and the usual content to trade in for brand new themed gear relating to the factions. Like previous Faction Rally, the winning faction will sell a special weapon for 1,000 Glimmer to their supporters and 50,000 Glimmer for everyone else.

The Factional Rally Event will end in a week on January 23rd.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Open Beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Second Beta starts tomorrow for pre-orderers and becomes an Open Beta the day after. The Beta can currently be pre-loaded on either PS4 or Xbox One. The size of the Beta is 2.4 GB on PS4 and 3.13 GB on Xbox One. In order to access the early access, you’ll need to download the Early Access DLC in their respective platform.

The beta will last until January 16th, so roughly 2 days if you pre-ordered and one day if not.

Here’s all the content you can expect in the open beta:

  • World Match
  • Battle Tutorial
  • Rankings
  • Replay Channel
  • Stamps (Limited Set)
  • Lobby Avatar customization (Limited Customization)
  • 7 Stages
  • 11 Characters: SS Goku, SS Vegeta, Gohan (Adult), Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Krilin, Picolo, Nappa, Android 18, and Beerus
  • 2 dramatic scenes that can occur before or after fights between Goku and Frieza under certain circumstances

Read more at https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/01/12/dragon-ball-fighterz-open-beta-january-14-xbox-one/#pfTUIzegR8cmFQff.99

Warframe | Mining Guide

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Expansion had added a mining element into the game. In order to start mining, you will need to get a Nosam Cutter either as a standing reward or buying one from Old Man Sumbaat who can be found at the mining symbol on the minimap in Cetus. After obtaining the Nosam Cutter and equipping it onto your gear slot, you are now able to mine materials in the plains.

While in the plains, take out your Nosam Cutter through your gear wheel. When you zoom in with your Cutter, an indication should pop up. The left side indicates how many mineral veins are nearby and the right indicates the distance to the nearest vein. There’s also an audio indicator to signify when you are getting closer to the vein.

When you find a mineral vein, it is either Red or Blue. Red veins can only drop ores while Blue veins can only drop Gems. After finding the mineral vein and still looking through your Nosam Cutter, track the dotted pattern around the mineral vein. Depending on how well you trace the outline will determine how much materials you get out of it, better cutters are more accurate and have a longer range indicator. If you’re lazy and don’t want to trace every outline, you can just do spirals inside the outline to quickly mine the vein losing out on some additional materials. The more the gauge above the progression bar fills up, the more materials you will achieve after the progression bar has been completely filled.

Standing & Gem

  • 25 – Azurite -> Tear Azurite
  • 25 – Devar -> Esher Devar
  • 50 – Veridos -> Marquise Veridos
  • 100 – Crimzian -> Star Crimzian
  • 400 – Sentirum -> Radian Sentirum
  • 400 – Nyth -> Hearth Nyth


There are currently 6 gems mine-able that can be traded in for standing at Old Man Sumbaat while the 4 Ores cannot be. All these materials can be used to create a refined version of itself that’s used for majority of Cetus crafting including the Custom Weapons, Zaws. The refined version is unlocked by standing ranking and can be bought at Old Man Sumbaat.


  • Coprun -> Coprite Alloy
  • Ferros -> Fersteel Alloy
  • Pyrol -> Pyrotic Alloy
  • Auron -> Auroxium Alloy

Street Fighter V | Zeku

Street Fighter V‘s next upcoming fighter has been revealed to be Zeku, who will be released on October 24th.

First seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Zeku was Guy’s former teacher, who taught him to master Bushinryu, a style of ninjutsu. Eventually, Guy was able to obtain the title of 39th Master of Bushinryu. Zeku then disappeared and was never seen again…until now! Zeku has reappeared looking to start his own ninja group and find a new fighting style.

The Evil Within 2

3 years after the original The Evil Within launched, The Evil Within 2 will be launching on Friday the 13th, October 2017 on PS4, Xbox & PC.

In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian Castellanos must once again confront unspeakable horrors within the nightmare born from the infamous STEM. This time, however, Sebastian’s mission is personal: He’s searching for his daughter Lily, who he thought he had lost many years ago, and it’s now a race against time as the world crumbles around him. Sebastian must rescue Lily before everything falls apart and they are both lost in STEM.