Monster Hunter World | Final Open Beta


The final open beta for Monster Hunter World starts today at 6:00 PM PST and will last a total of 3 days. The Beta will be available only on PS4 and will consist of both single and multiplayer content.

Participating in this Beta or previous ones will net players participation bonuses after completing certain objectives when the main game releases. Completing any of the 4 quests in the beta will reward a Face Paint while each quest completed will reward Item Sets.


  • The Insatiable Nergigante – Wildspire Waste
  • Wildspire Rampage – Wildspire Waste
  • Great Devourer, Great Jagras – Ancient Forest
  • The Ancient Forest Menace – Ancient Forest

Overwatch | 2018 New Cosmetics

On January 23rd, not only is Overwatch getting their new map Blizzard World but it’s also getting over 100+ new cosmetics containing new sprays, player icons and skins for all the heroes.

The majority of the new skins showcased are legendary skins themed after characters from other blizzard titles such as Nova Widowmaker and Butcher Roadhog.


Black Desert Online | Vell

Vell, the monstrous creature of the Sea is finally making it’s debut on January 28th and after that will spawn every Sunday at 12:00PM PST. Hopefully, the servers can handle its presence and not lag and flip out.

Vell Preparation Event

In order to get players ready for Vell’s arrival, there is currently a weekly event that last until Februrary 14th. The Event is a weekly event that allows players to rent an Old Bartali Sailboat with:

  • Durability: 700,000, Power: 1,000,000, Weight: 500LT
  • Mount Inventory: 1 Slot (Cannon Ball for Ship only)
  • Upon firing a cannon, durability will decrease by 5,000.

In order to obtain the Old Bartali Sailboat, there are pre-quests that must be completed leading up to the reveal of Vell. The quests can be started once the player has reached level 50+ and is currently at Velia. There are total of 6 quests in this questline.

Quest Title Obtain Subject
[Event] Noisy Shore Black Spirit
Mysterious Creature Velia Vigilante
A Fish from the Great Ocean? Igor Bartali
Records on Vell’s Heart Alustin
Lopters’ Scale Alustin
Vell’s Fine Powder Alustin

Completing the prequests will allow players to gain access Investigate Vell’s Realm and To the Vell’s Realm quests that reward the Old Bartali Sailboat that the player can use to combat Vell.

Black Desert Online | Knowledge Bonus

Knowledge in Black Desert Online is a mechanic that gives players that explore, discover and gather more knowledge more of an advantage than players that have not.

Types of Knowledge

There are 3 types of Knowledge: Characters, Topography and Ecology. Character knowledge is obtained from talking to NPCs, while Topography is obtained from exploring new locations and Ecology is from defeating monsters.

Ecology Ranks

Knowledge of Monsters or Ecology has a grading system from C up to a S rank. To gain knowledge of a monster, you’ll have to keep defeating it until it rewards a knowledge. The knowledge rewarded is random or the criteria of determination is unknown just like the chance of obtaining knowledge of the monster. The higher of your monster  knowledge is, the higher the drop rate of items it has a chance of dropping will be. Alongside the amount of damage you will deal and the damage you take. Previously, the knowledge obtained about a monster was set permanently but now you can grind until your knowledge becomes a S rank.

Another component of knowledge is that reaching certain thresholds will increase your maximum energy.

Global Item Drop Rate Benefit

As of the January 17th, 2018 Patch, there’s been a newly added component to Knowledge, giving a total Item Drop Rate increase based on a player’s total Knowledge points rather than specifics.

Total Points

Applied Effect


Item Drop Rate +2%


Item Drop Rate +3%


Item Drop Rate +5%


Item Drop Rate +7%


Item Drop Rate +10%


Item Drop Rate +12%


Item Drop Rate +14%


Item Drop Rate +16%


Item Drop Rate +18%


Item Drop Rate +20%

  • For each Knowledge (Ecology), you will get 10 points for S-grade Knowledge, 5 points for A+, 2 points for A, and 1 point for B or lower.
  • Having more points will mean a higher Item Drop Rate, and this higher rate will be applied when defeating any monster.
  • You can check how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have on the bottom of your Knowledge Window (H).
  • The already existing system of having an advantage if you have a higher grade Knowledge of the specific type of monster you are fighting has not been changed.
  • Party drop items and junk items that always drop from monsters will not be affected by how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z | Extended Open Beta

Due to the technical difficulties that causes many players to be unable to play the previous Open Beta of Dragon Ball Fighter Z to it’s fullest, there will be another Open Beta happening. The Open Beta will begin today at 9:00 PST and last until tomorrow at 9:00 PST on PS4 and Xbox One and will have everything the previous Open Beta had.


Overwatch | Blizzard World

Alongside Starcraft 2‘s new ladder maps, Overwatch will also be getting a new map on January 23rd.

The Overwatch map, Blizzard World teased back at Blizzcon 2017 is now being release on January 23rd.

Epic fun detected: Welcome to Blizzard World. See your favorite gaming memories come to life in Overwatch’s new hybrid map as you attack and defend the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector, and beyond!


Destiny 2 | Season 2 Faction Rally

Destiny 2‘s newest update includes the Season 2 Faction Rally Event where players will pledge their allergenic to one faction of Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult and obtain Faction tokens through public events, lost sectors, chests and the usual content to trade in for brand new themed gear relating to the factions. Like previous Faction Rally, the winning faction will sell a special weapon for 1,000 Glimmer to their supporters and 50,000 Glimmer for everyone else.

The Factional Rally Event will end in a week on January 23rd.