Warframe | How to get Garuda


Warframe’s newest Update, Fortuna has introduces a new Warframe, Garuda. In order to obtain Garuda, players must finish the Vox Solaris quest given at Fortuna which rewards the player with Garuda’s blueprint. In order to completely build Garuda without using platinum, players will required the second to last standing tier with Solar United.

The other 3 blueprints, Chassis, Systems and Neuroptics can be obtained from the Bounties obtained from Eudico.

Once the players have obtained the 3 blueprints that, each of those Blueprint requires a specific Toroid which drop from specific regions in Fortuna. The 3 specific Toroids are Sola, Calda and Vega Toroid. Each Blueprint requires 2 of a specific version.

Here are the regions each Toroid can be found from the surrounding enemies there, it seems that higher tier enemies such as the specific ones that show up when your alert meter is at maximum have a higher chance to drop it.

  • Sola Toroid – Temple of Profit
  • Calda Toroid – Enrichment Labs
  • Vega Toroid – Spaceport

The other requirements that each blueprint require is 2 crafted minerals, one is a basic mineral that’s blueprint can be bought from any standings tier. The other one requires a higher standing tier, each blueprint has a different mineral that requires a different tier for the blueprint to be bought.

Garuda Chassis

  • 3x Marquise Thyst – Cove Standing Requirement
  • 40x Vernerdo Alloy
  • 2x Calda Toroid

Garuda Systems

  • 3 Radiant Zodian – Doer Standing Requirement
  • 40 Travocyte Alloy
  • 2 Sola Toroid

Garuda Neuroptics

  • 6 Star Amarast – Rapscalion
  • 40 Axidrol Alloy
  • 2 Vega Toroid



Warframe | Fortuna Coming This Week

The Warframe update Fortuna is coming this week for PC and soon for other platforms. In Fortuna, players will be traveling to Venus where the underground city of Fortuna is located to explore it’s city alongside the vast terrain surrounding it dubbed the Orb Vallis and reignite a Solaris rebellion against the Corpus.

While in Fortuna, players will be able to:

  • Ride K-Drive Hoverboards

    • warframe_kdriveMade with stolen Corpus technology, turbo-powered K-Drives are ideal for the mountainous Vallis landscape. Find the Ventkids — a local street gang that lives in the ventilation shafts of Fortuna — to create your own personalized K-Drive, then equip K-Drive Mods to increase your max speed, boost speed and more.

  • Make Kitguns

    • warframe_kitgunDesign and build weapons of destruction to handle any threat. Using a selection of parts available at Rude Zuud’s shop, create a modular Secondary Weapon custom-tailored to suit your playstyle. Gild your Kitgun to unlock new cosmetic options.

  • Construct their own Moa Companion

    • warframe_moaLike most things in Fortuna, the Solaris build their own MOA Companions using stolen Corpus tech. Customize your own MOA to walk beside you, gather loot, use exclusive combat Precepts and more.

  • Track and Capture new Wildlife at Vallis

    • warframe_valis_wildlifeWildlife has returned to the Vallis, but the Corpus are destroying these creatures for their Feed and Research Division. Work with The Business to track these endangered species down, tranquilize them and extract them to safety, away from the Taxmen’s reach.

  • More Mining and Fishing with new tools

    • warframe_fortuna_fishing_miningFortuna delivers enhanced ways to mine and fish. Visit Smokefinger to purchase the new Sunpoint Plasma Drill, a fast-ignition, high-intensity mining tool that can superheat mineral deposits found around the Vallis. Each mineral has a “sweet spot” to hit for extra rewards. Buy an electrified spear from The Business to catch the robotic Servofish that swim in the coolant lakes and rivers. Dismantle them for scrap parts or trade them in for Standing.

  • Explore Orb Vallis

    • orb_vallisLocated in the eye of a snowstorm, the Orb Vallis was once a scorching wasteland. When the Solaris reactivated the Orokin coolant towers, life reappeared in the Vallis. Giant looming mushrooms sprung from the snow, and four-legged Virminks appeared in the valleys. Through their blood, sweat and tears, the Solaris terraformed this barren region into a beautiful, hospitable world — but the Corpus are destroying this delicate balance in their pursuit of profit.

  • Fight against new Corpus units in new Corpus tilesets

    • fortuna_corpus_tileset_units_newThe Corpus maintain several facilities around the area, including a bustling spaceport, a secretive research facility and a massive shrine to Nef Anyo. Inside these fully-explorable areas, you’ll find new, specialized Corpus units ready to strike.

  • Perform Bounties for the Solaris

    • warframe_fortuna_bountiesThe Vallis was made by the Solaris, but it’s ruled by Nef Anyo and the Taxmen. Step out of line in this Corpus overworld, and reinforcements will arrive to take you out. Capture a Corpus base in the Vallis, and an agent will appear with new Bounties to take on. Complete as many of these Bounties as you want without ever leaving the Vallis.

  • Explore Underground Caves

    • warframe_underground_caveAn extensive cave network runs underneath the Orb Vallis. These caves are rich with mining deposits, and the water here is full of unique fish species to catch. The Ventkids have also set up race courses through the tunnels.

  • Fight Raknoids and Orbs, specialized corpus machines

    • warfram_raknoids_and_orbsAs you explore the Vallis, beware of mechanical, spider-like machines known as Raknoids. These Corpus-designed creatures range in size and lethality, from tiny Mites to the massive, invulnerable Orbs that loom over the region. Fortuna’s brightest are currently researching how to take down these Orbs.

  • Obtain Garuda, the new Warframe

    • warframe_garudaDeath’s crimson maiden, the blood of Garuda’s foes imbue her with strength and vitality. Visit Fortuna to earn this vicious new Warframe.

  • 3 New Mod Sets: Synth, Mecha, Tek obtained from Bounties

    • Give your Warframes, Weapons and Companions a boost with new Mod Sets. A Set Bonus is applied when equipping Mods from the same set. These Mods are available as potential rewards from completing Bounties in the Orb Vallis.


      Synth Mod Set

      • Set Bonus: +20% Clip Reloaded/sec while Primary or Secondary weapons are holstered
      • Synth Deconstruct – Sentinel: Enemies killed by Sentinel have +15% chance to drop a Health Orb
      • Synth Fiber – Sentinel: Health Orbs increase Sentinel Armour by 100% for 12 seconds
      • Synth Charge – Pistol: +80% Bonus Damage on last shot in clip
      • Synth Reflex – Warframe: +100% Holster Speed


      Mecha Mod Set

      • Set Bonus: Kubrow marks an enemy every 15 secs for 12 secs. Killing this enemy applies all status effects on them to other enemies within 30m.
      • Mecha Overdrive – Kubrow: +60% Status Link and +90% Status Duration
      • Mecha Recharge – Kubrow: +20% Shield Recharge and -50% Shield Recharge Delay
      • Mecha Pulse – Warframe: Killing a Marked Enemy grants +20% armor for 12 secs for each enemy within 30m.
      • Mecha Empower – Aura: +40% Extra Damage vs Marked Enemies.


      Tek Mod Set

      • Set Bonus: Kavats create a 10m wide zone every 15 secs, which deals 50 damage/s for 8 secs.
      • Tek Collateral – Warframe: Standing in the zone grants +60% Critical Damage
      • Tek Enhance – Kavat: +30% Kavat Ability Duration
      • Tek Assault – Kavat: 60% chance for the Kavat to ignore Lethal Damage, instead gaining immunity for 4 secs
      • Tek Gravity – Melee: Slam Attacks pull enemies within 20m to the point of impact.

      *Stats shown at Max Rank. Subject to change.

Destiny 2 | Free on PC until November 18th

The base game of Destiny 2 is currently free for PC on Battle.net. Players can redeem their free copy of Destiny 2 anytime before November 18th. This is forever to keep and isn’t just a time limited trial. The game can be redeemed here.

Bungie is also rewarding existing owners of Destiny 2 PC. Those who already purchased the game on Battle.net will be eligible to receive an exclusive gift of their own: a special in-game emblem marking the game’s anniversary that will be available in December.




Warcraft 3 Reforged

The announcement that I’ve been waiting for has been finally revealed at Blizzcon 2018, that Warcraft 3 is finally getting a remastered or a “reforge” in Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Warcraft III: Reforged is a stunning reimagining of the revolutionary real-time strategy game that laid the foundation for Azeroth’s most epic stories. It is a remake in the truest sense, featuring a thorough visual overhaul, a suite of contemporary social and matchmaking features, and more. Command the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans as alliances shift and armies clash in this timeless real-time strategy game.

The visuals of the game have been remastered and remodeled up to 4k but what I’m most excited for is the upgraded World Editor & Custom Maps where I got countless hours of fun from.

Warcraft 3: Reforged will launch sometime next year at $30. All the missions from the original Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne will be included in Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Diablo | Diablo Immortal

Today at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard announced a new game coming from the Diablo Universe called Diablo Immortal. Problem is that it’s mobile game and it’s hard to tell if it’ll be any good and this wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Enter the world of Diablo Immortal, a new entry in the Diablo universe. Featuring the fluid hack-and-slash action role playing game experience you know and love, this visually stunning mobile experience is a cut above the rest and puts the Eternal Conflict at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere.

The mobile game can be currently pre-registered on Apple Store or Google Play Store here.

Hearthstone | Rastakhan’s Rumble

Revealed today at Blizzcon 2018 is Hearthstone‘s next upcoming expansion which is Rastakhan’s Rumble featuring the trolls. This expansion features 135 new characters and the addition of the new Overkill Keyword.

Rastakhan, king of the Zandalari, ruler of the great troll empire, is calling on trolls from all over Azeroth: come witness the greatest contest of skill, strength, and cunning the world has ever seen. You best bring your finest deck and your boldest plays when you join the rumble. The winner takes all; the loser? Finished.

In Rastakhan’s Rumble, there will be 3 new additions of the game:

  • Overkill Keyword – Overkill trigger additional effects when card having this keyword kill a minion with more damage than that is required.
  • Spirits – New special minions that are given stealth on the first round and give a multitude of unique effects.
  • Loa – A new legendary beast card type that are extremely powerful but requires a hefty price that each Troll team spirit represents.

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Rumble Run

Rastakhan’s Rumble will have a single-player mode where the player will go against 8 different troll contenders. The player picks from 3 randomly choose selected Troll champions that determines the player’s class and deck. As the player progress further into the content, they’ll gain access to more and more cards to build their deck.


Overwatch | Blizzcon 2018

Today at Blizzcon 2018, a new animated short titled Reunion was revealed alongside a character that was featured in the short, Ashe. Another character that was revealed in the short is of a robot named Echo.


Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang and rebellious gunslinger who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

She is a DPS character that utilizes a semi-automatic rifle, she can either hip-fire for multiple quick shots or aim down for more damage and precision. Her other two abilities are Dynamite and Coach Gun, Dynamite is pretty straightforward skill and Coach Gun allows her knock enemies away alongside knocking her back. Her ultimate ability is B.O.B, where Ashe summons her trusted omnic sidekick, B.O.B who charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then lays down suppressing fire with his arm cannons.

Ashe quickly fires her rifle from the hip or uses her weapon’s aim-down sights to line up a high damage shot. She blasts enemies by throwing dynamite, and her coach gun packs enough punch to put some distance between her and her foes. And Ashe is not alone, as she can call on her omnic ally B.O.B., to join the fray when the need arises.