Overwatch – Summer Games 2017

Overwatch’s Seasonal Summer Games Event has returned. Overwatch: Summer Games 2017 will last roughly 20 days from August 8th  August 28th.

During that time period, players will have access to the 40 new Summer Games themed items alongside previous Summer Game items plus the return of the Lúcioball gamemode.


E3 2017 – Sony Press Conference

Here are all the announcements made at the Sony Press Conference at E3 2017.

  • Uncharted – The Lost Legacy | 08.22.17 | [Trailer]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wild | 2017 | [Trailer]
  • Days Gone [Gameplay]
  • Monster Hunter World | Early 2018 | [Trailer]
  • Shadow of the Colossus Remake | 2018 | [Trailer]
  • Marvel v. Capcom Infinite [Trailer]
  • Call of Duty World War II | 11.03.17 | [Trailer]
  • Skyrim VR [Trailer]
  • Star Child VR
  • Final Fantasy 15 – Monsters of the Deep VR [Trailer]
  • Bravo Team VR [Trailer]
  • Moss VR [Trailer]
  • God of War 4 | Early 2018 | [Trailer]
  • Detroit – Become Human [Trailer]
  • Destiny 2 | 09.06.17 | [Trailer]
  • Spiderman | 2018 | [Trailer]

E3 2017 – Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda’s Press Conference at E3 2017 just ended and it wasn’t as impressive as I hoped it’ll be. Here are all the new announcements made.

  • Doom VFR [Trailer]
  • Fallout 4 VR [Trailer]
  • Feature: Creation Club | Summer 2017 |[Trailer]
  • Elder Scrolls Legends – Heroes of Skyrim | 6.29.17 | [Trailer]
  • Skyrim for Nintendo Switch [Trailer]
  • Dishonor – Death of the Outsider | 9.15.17 | [Trailer]
  • Quake Champions [Trailer]
  • Evil Within 2 | 10.13.17 | [Trailer]
  • Wolfenstein 2The New Colossus [Trailer]

Bethesda said that all these announcements will release this year.

E3 2017 – EA Conference Reveals

The EA Conference at E3 2017 happened earlier today at 12 PM PST. Here are all the games and DLC announced.

Battleborn – Free Trial (F2P)

Battleborn has finally went F2P even though it doesn’t publicly want to announce it by calling it a “free trial”. It’s live now except for Sony Europe & Sony Japan which will become live on June 13th.

Essentially players will have access to play the multiplayer of the game with a rotating number of heroes at first. But Battleborn’s gotta make money somehow, there a paywall or grindwall behind the content of the game. Everything can be unlocked through playing the game including all the heroes and story missions through in-game credits or you can just buy it.

The multiplayer isn’t too appealing because balancing is such an issue when you have 30 characters, each having multiple skills and on top of that an equipment system that has randomized stats and tiers.

Personally, I don’t think Battleborn going F2P at this point will save it from it’s eventual demise even though it’s not half bad but unfortunately it might just end up like Evolve.

There’s just too much multiplayer fps on the market currently. Paladins is in Xbox’s most played games list whilst Battleborn isn’t and Battleborn on steam’s stats don’t bold well at all. The only glimmering of hope seems to be on PS4.


E3 2016 – Day 2 Overview

Day 2 of E3 is over, today consisted of the Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony Press Conferences. Here are all the titles, sequels and updates revealed and their intended release date if available. Titles that consist of sufficient information will have a more detailed post later.

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