Path of Exile | Incursion League

Path of Exile‘s next upcoming League, Incursion has been announced and will be released on June 1st.

In Incursion, we will be traveling in time back to when the Vaal Empire was at it’s peak. Occasionally, a new NPC Alva Valai will appear creating a portal for us to travel back in time to when the Temple of Atzoatl was being constructed, the amount of time that we stay within that portal is extended by the more we kill.


While the players are within the Temple of Atzoatl’s construction, they will have the ability to alter the course of history for the Temple which will allow the player to enter new rooms, swap rooms, or upgrade existing rooms for increased loot and difficulty the next time they go back. Players can only change the content of the Temple 11 times.


After completing 11 of these events, Alva Valai will have located the location of the present-day Temple of Atzoatl, where players can visit and see how they have altered the course of history for the Temple by exploring it themselves along with the jungle around the Temple. The loot and rooms of the Temple will be based on how the players have changed the content of the Temple through Incursions. Players have the ability to reset the Temple past and try again.


This league will include 12 new skills gems alongside revamp of both Vaal Skill gems and normal skills along a bunch of new weapon affixes and prefixes and new uniques


Overwatch | Rialto Map

Overwatch‘s newest Escort Map, Rialto is now live on all platforms. This new patch also includes some Hero changes regarding Brigitte, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio and Tracer that can be seen here.

Rialto was home to Talon agent Antonio Bartalotti’s sprawling estate and the backdrop to the infamous “Venice Incident,” a turning point for Overwatch and Talon. The Italian government has taken great steps to preserve Venice, and the results are striking. Tourists visiting this picturesque town can sample the regional cuisine, enjoy a relaxing gondola ride, visit Galleria D’arte Omnica (the local art gallery), or simply take in the sights with a stroll along the canal.

Warframe | How to get Khora

Khora is the first Warframe of 2018 and was released in the Beasts of the Sanctuary Update. Khora can be obtained solely through the Sanctuary Onslaught Gamemode which requires the completion of the Second Dream Questline to access.

Fiercely poised with feral instincts, the huntress Khora and her feline familiar Venari prowl amidst combat scouring for prey. Mistress of the livewire, she enchains her foes to enforce deadly discipline by whiplash, claws, and serrated steel.

All parts of Khora require Kavat Genetic Code with the exception of the Blueprint itself. Kavat Genetic Code can be obtained by scanning Kavats in the wild, mainly found at the Orokin Derelict.








Passive – Beastshield Khora’s living metal thickens with each of her Companions in range, granting her 15% additional Armor per allied pet that remains within 50 meters around her.
Whipclaw Send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack.
Ensare Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Disperse the trap with a crack of the whip.
Venari Summon a ferocious, gleaming kavat. Use again to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures.
Strangledome Weave a dome of living chain that ensnares and strangles any enemy within, and any foolish enough to approach.

Khora Drop Table

Khora Blueprint Sanctuary Onslaught – Rotation C
Khora Chassis Blueprint Sanctuary Onslaught – Rotation A
Khora Neuroptics Blueprint Sanctuary Onslaught – Rotation B
Khora Systems Blueprint Sanctuary Onslaught – Rotation C

Warframe | Sanctuary Onslaught

Warframe‘s latest Update, Beasts of the Sanctuary includes the New Sanctuary Onslaught gamemode that is accessible through Simaris at the Relay.

This new Sanctuary Onslaught Gamemode is the only way of obtaining the New Khora Warframe alongside the re-release of the Lato Vandal & Braton Vandal. The Lato Vandal & Braton Vandal parts are only available in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Gamemode. Sanctuary Onslaught also has 5 new Captura Scenes that may drop with Grineer Sealab Centrifuge, Corpus Ship Freight Scene, Grineer Settlement Artillery Scene being exclusive to the normal mode. Kuva Fortress Cervice Scene & Lua Balcony Scene can only be obtained from the Elite version.

The Sanctuary Onslaught Gamemode puts your squad in a random tileset where enemies will continuously spawn, killing these enemies will reward efficiency. If your efficiency drops to 0%, you will extract. To extract manually, just don’t go into the next conduit. Each tileset have Efficiency Stimulus spawn around the map, these are pretty much Life Support Capsules, when you are running low on Efficiency. Each Conduit zone will have the players last 2:30 minutes, then a new Conduit will open up where the tileset is different and the enemies are stronger. This gamemode is very good for farming Focus because

Each zone after the first triggers a 45 second Focus Boost that scales in multiplier (MAX of 16x) – kill Specimens as fast as you can!

The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Gamemode unlike the original version has a predetermined sequence of tilesets and enmies. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught has certain rules such as only Rank 30 Warframe can compete, No Gear, some Warframe abilities are nerfed. Also the enemies are much harder.

Players will receive their reward after every 2 Zones have been finished. The rotation rewards go A,A,B,C like every other endless gamemodes.

Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards:

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Black Desert Online | Renown Score Bonuses

Renown Score is the latest addition to Black Desert Online, where a player’s AP & DP contribute to a Renown Score and depending on the Renown Score will reward Titles, AP Bonuses, Flat and Percentage Damage Reduction Bonuses. The Renown Score system was created to boost veteran’s player stats alongside helping new players clear content.

Renown Score is calculated as is: (Main Weapon AP + Awakening Weapon AP)/2 + DP

Renown Score Titles

Renown Score Title
0 – 100 Beginner
101 – 200 Rookie
201 – 290 The Skilled
291 – 380 The Dark Horse
381 – 450 The Veteran
451 – 535 The Undaunted
536 – 553 The Noble One
554 and above The Great One

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Call of Duty: WWII | Blitzkrieg Community Event

Call of Duty: WWII‘s Blitzkrieg Community Event started today and will last until Tuesday, May 8th for all platforms.

The Blitzkrieg Community Event includes 6 new weapons that will be permanently added to the game: ITRA Burst Rifle, Type 5 Rifle, Sterling SMG, M2 Carbine Rifle,Type 38 Sniper and the Baseball Bat.  The HQ is also a free playable map for Prop Hunt and Gun Game modes during this Event plus the addition of the 9v9 Ground War gamemode.

There will also be a bunch of new Orders and Contract both in multiplayer and in Nazi Zombies that reward new weapon variants and cosmetics but are only available for the duration of the event.