Warframe TENNOLIVE 2014 Recap TL;DR

Platform Port

  • Xbox One Warframe Launch Date is September 2

New Environments/Tileset

  • New Hazard Ice Environment Confirmed where you must stay near Warm Objects or indoors to prevent Shield and Health depletion.
  • A new Game Mode that will replace Survival Missions on all planets.
  • The launch of this new Game Mode and environment will also include an event.
  • New Underwater Grineer Base Environment will launch after the new Corpus Ice Environment. 
  • Swimming Mechanic confirmed with new Movement animation sets.
  • Possible new planets to accommodate the new environments to make the environment shave a logical basis.

New Enemy Types

  • New Infested Units including an Ancient Bombard, Infested Turrets and a Stationary Melee Turret that looks like it will attempt to impale you.


  • J-3 Golem is under redesign which the final product should be a whole mission based on him described possibly as a Boss level.
  • Tyl Regor is getting a full rework which transforms him from a re-colored grinner unit into a hulk like bulky build while having outrageous leg and head proportions.


  • Kubrows customization is coming back in ~Update 14.5.
  • You can release your Kubrow now into the wild.
  • Kubrow will be able to wall-run to be able to keep up with you without having to teleport directly to you..


  • Melee Combo Expansion for Claws, Katana along with new finishers.
  • The new Stance Mod will be uncommon.
  • New Bladed Tonfa Weapon confirmed to be in Update 14.5.

Audience Q&A

  • Kubrow Color Palette? Yes.
  • How will you get Community Idea into the game? Contest and Suggestions. Community created Quest storyline, rewards and rating system.
  • Corpus or Grinner Turncoat as a Companion? Unknown, possibly yes sooner or later.


  • Wyrmius Minigame 

Update 15

  • Archwing, Warframe’s gradual transition towards Gundam style space fighting. 
  • Possible Space type game modes.


  • Warframe Xbox One Sept. 2, New ice and underwater environments, new game mode replacing survival, swimming, new infested units, j-3 golem and tyl regor new model and skills, kubrow customzation, release to wild, wall run, claw and katana new combos and finishers, new tonfa weapon, kubrow color palettes, community designed quests, corpus and grinner companion, wyrm minigame, space wings, space game mode.

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