Warframe – Chains of Harrow Quest

Warframe’s Chains of Harrow Quest is the newest Quest introduced to the game as of the Chains of Harrow Update. It is required to be finished as it is the only way of obtaining the Harrow Warframe blueprint.

The pre-requisites of this Quest is to have completed Second Dream and have the Void node Mott unlocked and completed.

After meeting all the pre-requisites, players can start the quest from their codex.

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Warframe – Twitch Prime

Warframe currently has a promotion with Twitch for Twitch Prime that gives players the following items:

  • Frost Prime
  • Vistapa Syandana Prime
  • Dragon Mod Pack

The promotion will last until July 26th and linking your Twitch account to your Warframe account while having Twitch Prime will yield you these items. Link your account at https://www.warframe.com/freeprime.

Warframe – Mag & Rhino Prime Vault Unsealed

For a limited time, Mag and Rhino Prime‘s relics are back in the game alongside a prime pack that allows anyone to straight-up buy these items along with their primed accessories that were offered in their respected prime access.

These prime items are now available once again to be obtained through Relics.

  • Rhino Prime
  • Mag Prime
  • Boltor Prime
  • Ankyros Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Boar Prime

A list of where the relics drop from can be found here.

Warframe – New Relics for Oberon Prime Access

Here are all the relics that Oberon Prime Access brought in, these Relics replaced Ash Prime Relic drops. Some of these relics do not contain the new Prime and instead are to compensate for the removal of Ash Prime’s items.

Oberon Prime in total brings 4 Lith, 5 Meso, 5 Neo and 4 Axi New Relics.

The Overall Void Relic drop table has been updated to include Relic as of Oberon Prime here.

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Warframe – How to get Silva & Aegis Prime

The Silva & Aegis Prime is currently the first and newest Primed Melee Weapon that also consist of a shield. But it’s horrid attack speed of 0.75 could warrant it just another mastery fodder.

Be as stalwart in your defense as you are in your convictions. Bide your time blocking before striking down your foes with this heat-based mace and shield combo.

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Warframe – How to get Sybaris Prime

Alongside the vaulting of Ash Prime‘s Arsenal, Vectis Prime‘s relics are not longer available n the drop table. It has been replaced with the Sybaris Prime.

The Sybaris Prime is the newest primed Shotgun to be released.

Become judge, jury, and executioner with this elegant and deadly lever-action Tenno rifle capable of firing a twin pair of bullets in quick succession.

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Warframe – How to get Oberon Prime

Ash Prime’s Relic has been taken out of the Drop Rates and has been replaced with Oberon Prime’s. If you have existing Ash Prime Relics, you can still get Ash Prime.

Oberon Prime is currently the newest Primed Warframe to be introduced.

Protect the balance with this regal forest guardian. Featuring altered Mod polarities for greater customization.

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