GMS V.152 – Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple : Resurrection of Osiris Event

Resurrection of Osiris Event


Event Duration :

September 1 – September 15

Requirement: Lv. 30 or above


The Resurrection of Osiris Event is very similar to the Evolving Ring/ Absolute Ring/ Belt type events. You will be given an Osiris Shoulders which is an upgrade of the Absolute Ring Shoulder but it will be temporary, each day you do the event will extend its duration by 3 days.

  • Osiris Shoulders – Req. Lv. 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, Max HP/Max MP +200, ATT/MATT +6, DEF/MDEF +100. Untradeable. One of a kind item. Temporary, can be extended.


 The Event duration is 14 days which leaves you no room for mistakes. If you manage to accomplish 2 weeks straight of staying logged on for 30 minutes and succesfully completing the quest, you will be rewarded Revived Osiris Shoulders. It is essentially the same equipment but rather than temporary, it is an Untradeable, One of a kind, Permanent Item.



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