GMS V.151 Rising Heroes – Best Familiars

Familiars are monster companions that are only obtainable through Familiar Cards drop by the same monster. Each Familiar Card consists of a different stat effect each having a different rank which goes from a scale of 1 to 3. The monster beneficial Familiars seem to be ones that recover health or hp and drop rate increase since they are percentages which means they scale indefinitely.

Heres a quick list if you don’t want to go into detail.

  • For HP Regen get Red Snail until you get Red Wyvern.
  • For MP Regen get Jr.Boogie and upgrade to Blue Wyvern if wanted.
  • For HP & MP Regen get Octopus until you can get Mr. Alli
  • For Meso Drop Rate get Crying Blue Mushrooms until you can get Leprechaun.
  • For Item Drop Rate get Strange Pig until you get Wolf Underling.
  • For Item and Meso Drop Rate go for Big Spider then upgrade to Mutant Ribbon Pig if necessary.
  • For Party HP Regen get Red Kentaurus then upgrade to Chief Oblivion Guardian.
  • For Party MP go for Death Teddy then upgrade to Qualm Guardian.
  • For Party HP and MP go Mutant Snail.

Everyone should go out of their way to get a Jr. Boogie Familiar if your skills require mana to be cast. Jr.Boogie is a Rank 3, MP Recovering familiar that recovers 15% of your mana per 10 seconds. The other Rank 3 MP Recovering Familiar would be a Blue Wyvern and should only be pursued if your training off them in the first place.

 If your very squishy and can’t take hits and really prefer not to use potions then you should just get a Red Snail familiar which recovers 10% HP per 10 seconds which is only rank 2. Just like the Recovering MP Familiar, the Red Wyvern does the opposite of what the Blue Wyvern does.

When you reach Lvl.130 you can have the best of both worlds (HP and Mana) by getting the Mr. Alli Familiar (15% Hp & Mp / 10 Seconds) but since its a higher level familiar, it is much harder to achieve. (Used to be level 90 before Rising Heroes update) So if your a lower level and really need a familiar that heal both HP and Mana than your choice is to get an Octopus. (10% HP & MP / 10 seconds)

For increased Item and Meso Drops, your best choice is to go for a Big Spider Familiar which gives 60% increased Item and Meso Drop Rate.

All the other things, I don’t recommend getting but put up just in case.


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