Maplestory | Ark

Maplestory‘s next upcoming expansion Ark is releasing on June 20th. Maplestory Ark will include the addition of the new pirate class Ark, Morass Area, Grand Athenaeum Part 5: Shadow Alchemist, Esfera Area and Monad Area.

Before the release of Ark, Maplestory is having a Community Event that lasts up to June 20th where players share news about Ark on both twitter and facebook for everyday leading up to the event to receive those rewards immediately plus a bonus reward box for sharing all the news. This is all done through Maplestory Ark’s micro-site.

There is also an in-game Ark Attendance Check that will last until Ark’s launch where players have to defeat monsters within their level range to receive a stamp for that given day.


Lastly, the last Community Event going on is the Monster Hunting Community Event where depending on how many monsters are defeated from now til the launch of Ark, if players are able to reach certain thresholds of 45 million, 75 million, 120 million or 180 million total monsters defeated will reward cumulative community boxes.



Maplestory 2 | Closed Beta

Maplestory 2‘s Closed Beta Sign-Ups start today and will last until May 6th. The Closed Beta itself will begin on May 9th and last until May 16th.

Players will sign up with their Nexon account and getting into the beta will reward a Closed Beta hat. Players can sign up here.

There’s also a roadmap of activities that Nexon will be putting out until May 6th, being one of the first 10,000 to complete all these activities will automatically guarantee a spot in the closed beta.

Maplestory | Maplestory M

Maplestory M, the mobile version of Maplestory that was previously only available for Korea is now in early access for it’s global version. The early access will last 8 days from Jan. 22nd to Jan. 30th and can be downloaded from the Google play store here.


Maplestory | Lachelein Questline

The Lachelein area is the third area of Arcane River and can only be accessed after reaching Level 220 and finishing the Chu Chu Island area first. The whole Lachelein Questline that requires anything outside of just talking to NPCs is just 14 quests. Completing the Questline of Lachelein will reward the Lachelein Arcane Symbol and access to Lucid and Dream Defender.

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Maplestory | Chu Chu Island Questline

The Chu Chu Island area is the second area of Arcane River and can only be accessed after reaching Level 210 and finishing the Vanishing Journey area first. Chu Chu Island has a total of 10 quests that require something outside of just talking to NPCs. After completing all these quest, you will gain access to the Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbol and the Hungry Muto Party Quest.

1. Master Lyck’s Special Dish

Get 20 Sweet Hoves from Pinedeerspinedeer.png

2. The Five-Color Hill Special

Get 40 Spicy Hoofs from Bighorn Pinedeers


3. The Five-Color Hill Special (2)

Get 30 Greasy Peels from Ewenanas and 30 Sour Peels from Ramananas

4. Fresh from the Slurpy Forest

Get 20 Fresh Mane from Flyons and 30 Zesty Mane from Angry Flyons

5. Fresh from Slurpy Forest (2)

Get 30 Soft Sole from Unripe Wolfruit and 30 Chewy Sole from Ripe Wolfruit

6. Eree Valley’s Catch of the Day

Get 20 Savory Fin from Green Catfishes and 20 Tart Fin from Blue Catfishes

7. Eree Valley’s Catch of the Day (2)

Get 30 Crunchy Shells from Rhyturtles and 30 Soft Shells from Boss Rhyturtles

8. A Taste of Skywhale Mountain

Get 20 Slimy Feathers from Crilias and 20 Sticky Feathers from Patriarch Crilias

9. A Taste of Skywhale Mountain (2)

Get 30 Unpleasant Talons from Birdsharks and 30 Chewy Talons from Patriarch Birdsharks

10. The Secret Ingredient

Defeat Slurpy Tree and obtain the Slurpy Fruit


Maplestory | v.190 – Nova: Liberation of Cadena

Maplestory‘s latest update, Nova: Liberation of Cadena introduces one of the two new nova themed characters coming to Maplestory. Cadena will have a breakthrough event that will last 2 weeks from the release.


Alongside Cadena‘s release, Maple Achievements, a bunch of new 5th Job skills and Spirit Savior are added. Maple Achievements is an additional to the game that gives rewards for achieving certain achievements, duh. There’s also Rank associated with these Achievements points, and they can be display by using the Maple Crest skill.


  • Bronze: 10 – 4,999 points
  • Silver: 5,000 – 19,999 points
  • Gold: 20,000 – 29,999 points
  • Platinum: 30,000 – 35,999 points
  • Diamond: 36,000+ points
  • Master: Top 100 ranks

While Spirit Savior is an new dungeon added to Arcana where you’ll be collecting Spirit Coins by recusing trapped Rock Spirits. You gain a Spirit Coin for ever 1000 Rescue Points achieved. Every 3 Spirit Coins can be traded in for one Arcane Arcane Symbol. There is a daily cap of 30 obtainable Spirit Coins and 3 entries into Spirit Savior.


The Boss Rewards have been revamped, you’ll now receive an Intense Power Crystal that varies in value depending on the boss difficulty. These crystals can be sold to the collector located in the Free Market for mesos. You can sell a cap of 60 crystals per week. Also only Elixirs and Power Elixirs drop from bosses now.

Higher difficulty bosses such as Hard Lotus, Hard Damien and Hard Lucid now have a chance to drop their respective Boss Gear without having to farm just the coins they drop. There’s also an additional of a higher tier equip set towards very end-game players called the Dark Boss Set. This set includes Berserked, Magic Eyepatch, Black Heart and Dreamy Belt. The two new accessories are:

  • Berserked: Face accessory. Req. Lv. 150. STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +10, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +200. Five slots. Tradeable until equipped.
  • Magic Eyepatch: Eye accessory. Req. Lv. 160. STR/DEX/INT/LUK +15, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +3, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +300. Three slots. Tradeable until equipped.

The set effect given by the Dark Boss set is:


  • 2 set items: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, MaxHP +250, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +10, Boss Damage +10%.
  • 3 set items: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, MaxHP +250, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +10, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +250, Defense Ignore +10%.
  • 4 set items: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +15, MaxHP +375, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +15, Critical Damage +5%.



  • Players can no longer change equipment while sitting on a chair.
  • The Arcane Symbol drop will only be shown to the player who dealt the highest amount of damage.