Maplestory – Override

GMS’s version of KMS’s Beyond Update is codenamed Override which in my opinion is kinda lame but just like the Beyond Update, the main 3 components of this major update is New 5th Job Skills, Arcana and the Legion System.

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Maplestory – V: Limitless

The first update of Maplestory V, Limitless is now live in GMS. Essentially Limitless:

  • Removes the cap on Damage Limit (not really, you’re just capped at 10b damage instead now)
  • A revamped UI that is more modular
  • Reduced the level requirement to reach level 200 (just up to 200, anything above still remains)
  • An Auction House
  • Stats Removal

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Maplestory V – Web Event


From now until November 27th, Share atleast 27 of the 30 possible shares on the 15 Promotion pages to Facebook and Twitter and receive enough points to earn all possible gifts for Maplestory V. Only downside is, you have to have a Level 31+ since November 15th, so new comers can’t obtain these gifts.

You want to go to this page, scroll down and click on every current Promotion and share them. Each page gives 200 points, rack up 2700+ points to obtain everything which is roughly 27 out of the 30 shares. Not all the promotions pages have been revealed yet, the last page required to get all the gifts should be on revealed on November 26th.


Maplestory GMS – Damien

The Heroes of Maple Trilogy is finished with the Damien Update, concluding the Heroes of Maple Story with Act 4: Dark World Tree and the introduction of Maplestory’s newest two-phased boss,¬†Damien and another way of obtaining Absolab Items.

Damien can be challenged daily but has a one week reset timer. There is a Normal and Hard Mode, 1.2 Trillion HP and 36 Trillion HP respectively with a maximum 10 death count.

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