Hearthstone | Kobolds & Catacombs

The next expansion for Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs has been announced at Blizzcon 2017.  The expansion is set to launch sometime in December and features 3 new cards types into the game: Legendary Weapons, Unidentified Items and Spellstones.

To start you on your quest, you’ll be granted one random Legendary weapon for FREE just for logging in after Kobolds & Catacombs is released.


Each Legendary weapon has its own flavor and unique power. While every class will be able to equip a weapon, those weapons will reflect the character of the classes that wield them. For example, the classes most known for spell-flinging in Hearthstone—Mage, Warlock, and Priest—each have weapons with 0 attack. They’re potent magical artifacts that grant vast powers, but they’re not meant to be swung in combat.

Another feature new in Kobolds & Catacombs are Unidentified Items Cards which acts as an RNG card that gives a random bonus. There are total 3 Unidentified Items Cards in Kobolds & Catacombs.


Lastly, Spellstones Cards are another new feature to be implemented into Hearthstone, Spellstone Cards have 3 tiers, each tier can be obtained by sacrificing Mana. Each Tier of Spellstone gives greater and greater bonuses.



Overwatch | Moira

Announced today at Blizzcon 2017 is Overwatch’s next upcoming hero Moira. She is another support that utilizes biotic abilities to heal her allies and hurt her enemies.

Moira’s biotic abilities enable her to contribute healing or damage in any crisis. While Biotic Grasp gives Moira short-range options, her Biotic Orbs contribute longer-range, hands-off damage and healing; she can also Fade to escape groups or remain close to allies in need of support. Once she’s charged Coalescence, Moira can save multiple allies from elimination at once or finish off weakened enemies.



Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy.


Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can choose between a regeneration effect that heals the allies it passes through, or a decay effect that deals damage to enemies.


Moira quickly teleports a short distance.


Moira channels a long-range beam that both heals allies and bypasses barriers to damage her enemies.

Hearthstone – 2017 November Ranked Play Season

November, 2017 is Hearthstone’s 44th Ranked Play Season and this month will be rewarding the Gone Fishing Cardback. 

Whomever able to reach Rank 20 in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play modes will earn the Gone Fishing Cardback when the November 2017 Ranked Play Season ends.

You earn Ranked Play reward chests based on your highest earned rank over the course of a Ranked Play season. Reward chests may contain seasonal card backs, Arcane Dust, and golden cards, and can be obtained by playing in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play modes. You’ll be awarded one chest per Ranked Play season based on your highest rank between the two modes.



Don’t forget—the further you move up the Ranked Play ladder, the more bonus stars you’ll receive next season. In Ranked Play, you’ll receive bonus stars based on your performance from the previous season—one bonus star per rank you attained. Please note that even if bonus stars from the previous season get you directly to Rank 20 or above, you still have to log in at least once each Ranked Season to qualify for the card back reward.

Show your opponents the who the “reel” Hearthstone pro is with November’s Ranked Play Season card back: Gone Fishin’! 


Destiny 2 – Heroic Public Events

In Destiny 2, Public Events happen very common on all planets, there usually around 1-2 active or able to be active. All of these public events have a secret trigger that changes the Public Event into a Heroic Public Event which yields even more rewards in return for upping the difficulty by giving players an additional or new objective.

There’s a total of 8 Public events that can happen: Glimmer Extraction, Weapon Exchange, Cabal Excavation, Injection Rig, Taken Blight, Ether Resupply, Disrupt Vex Construction and Witches Ritual. Some are exclusive to a planet due to the enemies corresponding on the event.

Here’s how you activate trigger the Heroic variant of each public event. Note that some of these trigger are time and instruction sensitive, so if you mess up you can’t trigger it.

Heroic Triggers

  • Glimmer Extraction – Destroy the Projector Device during each wave at least 3 out of 4 times.
  • Weapon Exchange – Unlock the 3 Scorch Cannons with Arc Orbs before defeating the Arsenal Walker.
  • Cabal Excavation – Destroy the Thresher ship that spawns at around 50%.
  • Injection Rig – After killing Infiltrator Psion, stay inside the bubble and destroy the upper and lower vents (3 Chances).
  • Taken Blight – Destroy the rift orbs before the Taken enemies.
  • Ether Resupply – Destroy the 3 little orbs when they spawn before they de-spawn.
  • Disrupt Vex Construction – Capture the 3 areas that the Construction projects onto.
  • Witches Ritual – Destroy the two stones around the portal after the witches have been killed.


Warframe | Mining Guide

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Expansion had added a mining element into the game. In order to start mining, you will need to get a Nosam Cutter either as a standing reward or buying one from Old Man Sumbaat who can be found at the mining symbol on the minimap in Cetus. After obtaining the Nosam Cutter and equipping it onto your gear slot, you are now able to mine materials in the plains.

While in the plains, take out your Nosam Cutter through your gear wheel. When you zoom in with your Cutter, an indication should pop up. The left side indicates how many mineral veins are nearby and the right indicates the distance to the nearest vein. There’s also an audio indicator to signify when you are getting closer to the vein.

When you find a mineral vein, it is either Red or Blue. Red veins can only drop ores while Blue veins can only drop Gems. After finding the mineral vein and still looking through your Nosam Cutter, track the dotted pattern around the mineral vein. Depending on how well you trace the outline will determine how much materials you get out of it, better cutters are more accurate and have a longer range indicator. If you’re lazy and don’t want to trace every outline, you can just do spirals inside the outline to quickly mine the vein losing out on some additional materials. The more the gauge above the progression bar fills up, the more materials you will achieve after the progression bar has been completely filled.

Standing & Gem

  • 25 – Azurite -> Tear Azurite
  • 25 – Devar -> Esher Devar
  • 50 – Veridos -> Marquise Veridos
  • 100 – Crimzian -> Star Crimzian
  • 400 – Sentirum -> Radian Sentirum
  • 400 – Nyth -> Hearth Nyth


There are currently 6 gems mine-able that can be traded in for standing at Old Man Sumbaat while the 4 Ores cannot be. All these materials can be used to create a refined version of itself that’s used for majority of Cetus crafting including the Custom Weapons, Zaws. The refined version is unlocked by standing ranking and can be bought at Old Man Sumbaat.


  • Coprun -> Coprite Alloy
  • Ferros -> Fersteel Alloy
  • Pyrol -> Pyrotic Alloy
  • Auron -> Auroxium Alloy

Street Fighter V | Zeku

Street Fighter V‘s next upcoming fighter has been revealed to be Zeku, who will be released on October 24th.

First seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Zeku was Guy’s former teacher, who taught him to master Bushinryu, a style of ninjutsu. Eventually, Guy was able to obtain the title of 39th Master of Bushinryu. Zeku then disappeared and was never seen again…until now! Zeku has reappeared looking to start his own ninja group and find a new fighting style.

Warframe | Fishing Guide

Plains of Eidolon brought upon Fishing into Warframe. In order to start fishing, you need to get a fishing spear; you can either buy one from the Fisher Hai-Luk merchant or get it from ranking up in standing. Then equip the fishing spear into your gear slots. Every single fish spear has a type of fish it is efficient against, the least efficient your spear is to the fish, the more hit it takes to catch it.

After obtaining a fishing spear, you can go to any body of water in Plains of Eidolon and they’ll be a chance for fishes to spawn. Different locations consist of different fishes. Fish will spawn regardless if it’s day or night in the Plains but only certain fishes will come out at night. The better fishes are pretty much located in bodies of water furthest away from Cetus, usually near the main body of water.

Bring out your fishing spear and wait for fishes to spawn. Aim your fishing spear at them and hope to catch them. All fishes have different models and sizes. The bigger they are, the easier they are to catch.

Fishes are categorized into Small,Medium and Large sizes. Each fishes is worth a different amount of standing and gives a different component when skined at the fish merchant. Each fish regardless of type will give Fish Meat, Scales and Oils but in different quantities.

Fish Components and Standing Gain (S,M,L)

  • Mawfish – Mawfish Bones | 25,35,50 | 
  • Norg – Norg Brain | 500,625,1000 |
  • Sharrac – Sharrac Teeth |100,125,200 |
  • Murkray – Murkray Liver | 500,625,1000|
  • Cuthol – Cuthol Tendrils |500,625,1000|
  • Charc Eel – Charc Electroplax |25,35,50|
  • Tralok – Tralok Eyes | 100,125,200 |
  • Khut-Khut – Khut-Khut Venom Sac | 25,35,50 |
  • Mortus Lungfish – Mortus Horn | 100,125,200 |
  • Karkina – Karkina Antenna | 100,125,200|
  • Glappid – Seram Beetle Shell |1200,1500,200|
  • Yogwun – Yogwun Stomach |25,35,50 |
  • Goopolla – Goopolla Spleen | 25,35,50 |