Blade and Soul – Gunslinger

Blade and Soul‘s newest Patch: Rise of the Gunslinger introduces the 10th class, Gunslinger into the game that was teased since last year and has been in the Korean version of Blade and Soul for a while now.

Alongside the new class introduction is a bunch of changes that makes progression cheaper and easier for existing and new characters. Full patch notes can be found here.


Path Of Exile – What Maps to Shape

When you reach endgame in Path Of Exile, you will enter the map system and will eventually wander upon a Shaper’s Orb when you complete the bonus objective on certain maps throughout the atlas. The Shaper Orb will upgrade an unlocked map into a +5 tier version of itself when you use it on a map on your atlas like a currency item. The normal version of the map will no longer drop and will be replaced with the shape version of it. Usually every league has map changes causing the ideal map to shape to change. Here are my recommendation for what maps should be shaped.

Remember that these are only recommendation and are based on my personal preference. The map you shape should be based on your personal preference and build.

Current Version: 3.0.0

Tier Map Reasoning
  • Jungle Valley
  • Linear & Density
  • Beach
  • Oasis
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Channel
  • Arid Lake
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Acid Lakes
  • Graveyard
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Primordial Pool
  • Linear & Density
  • Canyon
  • Racecourse
  • Linear & Density (2 Bosses)
  • Linear (3 Bosses)
  • Mud Geyser
  • Ashen Woods
  • Linear (Circle)
  • Density
8 (2 Orbs)
  • Tropical Island
  • Cemetery
  • Bog
  • Linear & Density
  • Density (3 Bosses)
  • Density
9 (3 Orbs)
  • Coves
  • Reef
  • Promenade
  • Linear & Density
  • Linear & Density
  • Linear
10 (3 Orbs)
  • Courtyard
  • Underground River
  • Port
  • Density
  • Linear
  • Linear


Warframe – How to get Nami Skyla Prime

Nami Skyla Prime is the Primed variant of Nami Skyla and is released with announcement of Hydroid Prime. It mainly just features improved stats to it’s non-prime variant.

Forged by a forgotten master, these exquisite blades are bounty from a golden-age long gone.

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Hearthstone – 2017 September Ranked Play Season

September, 2017 is Hearthstone’s 42nd Ranked Play Season and this month will be rewarding the Frost Knight Cardback. 

Whomever able to reach Rank 20 in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play modes will earn the Frost Knight Cardback when the September 2017 Ranked Play Season ends.

You earn Ranked Play reward chests based on your highest earned rank over the course of a Ranked Play season. Reward chests may contain seasonal card backs, Arcane Dust, and golden cards, and can be obtained by playing in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play modes. You’ll be awarded one chest per Ranked Play season based on your highest rank between the two modes.

Frost KNight Cardback

Warframe – How to get Ballistica Prime

The Ballistica Prime is currently the newest primed secondary and the first primed secondary crossbow. Ballistica Prime behaviors similar to bow primary wheres you have charged and uncharged shots. Each shot shoots 4 projectiles and takes 4 ammo away from your magazine regardless of it being charged or not.

The beauty of this luxurious gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose. As an added bonus to the Ballistica Prime, enemies killed from its Charged shot within (50 meters) range will now turn into friendly ghosts for 7 seconds!

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Warframe – How to get Hydroid Prime

Trinity Prime’s Relic has been taken out of the Drop Rates and has been replaced with Hydroid Prime‘s. You can still obtain Trinity Prime’s Items if you have their vaulted relics.

Hydroid Prime is currently the newest Primed Warframe to be introduced.

Command the ocean’s fury with this king of gold and silver. Additionally, Hydroid Prime’s Tentacle Swarm sports a unique look as well as increased overall Armor, Energy, and Shields!

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Warframe – New Relics for Hydroid Prime Access

Here are all the relics that Hydroid Prime Access brought in, these Relics will replace the ones that had Trinity Prime and her Arsenal from the drop tables.

Hydroid Prime in total brings 3 Lith, 3 Meso, 3 Neo and 3 Axi New Relics.

The Overall Void Relic drop table has been updated to include Relic as of Hydroid Prime here.

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