Destiny 2 | Season 2 Faction Rally

Destiny 2‘s newest update includes the Season 2 Faction Rally Event where players will pledge their allergenic to one faction of Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult and obtain Faction tokens through public events, lost sectors, chests and the usual content to trade in for brand new themed gear relating to the factions. Like previous Faction Rally, the winning faction will sell a special weapon for 1,000 Glimmer to their supporters and 50,000 Glimmer for everyone else.

The Factional Rally Event will end in a week on January 23rd.


Maplestory | Lachelein Questline

The Lachelein area is the third area of Arcane River and can only be accessed after reaching Level 220 and finishing the Chu Chu Island area first. The whole Lachelein Questline that requires anything outside of just talking to NPCs is just 14 quests. Completing the Questline of Lachelein will reward the Lachelein Arcane Symbol and access to Lucid and Dream Defender.

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Path Of Exile | The Pantheon System


The Pantheon System of Path Of Exile was released back in Update 3.0.0 where the previous 4 act storyline with 3 repetitive levels of difficulty was revamped into one linear storyline of 10 acts. After Act 5, you’ll be introduced to the Pantheon System after defeating your first god. Unfortunately, this system’s impact on the game currently is very minuscule and the work put in to upgrade Pantheon usually doesn’t warrant the rewards.

Pantheon Soul

Throughout the storyline, you’ll encounter 4 major gods that you won’t be able to avoid: Brine King, Lunaris, Solaris and Arakaali. While there’ll be 8 minor gods that are optional. After defeating either a major or minor god, you’ll gain their soul and will be able to access their benefits from the Pantheon page. You’ll only be able to pick one major god and minor god to get benefits from. The benefits that each Soul gives are partially themed with the God itself such as the Brine King gives 50% reduced effect of chill and frozen immunity if frozen recently at higher tiers.

Upgrading Pantheon Souls

Each Soul of a major or minor god can be upgraded up to 3 tiers that can only be obtained from maps. Each upgrade has a specific boss that needs to be captured from a specific map in order for the Soul’s tier to be upgraded. In order to capture these boss, you’ll need to find a Divine Vessel which will drop occasionally in maps. After obtaining one of these divine vessels, when you go to put in the map with the specific boss creature you’re trying to capture, put the divine vessel along with the map. After defeating the boss, the divine vessel will be filled and you have to turn it to Sin to obtain the upgraded benefits.


Dragon Ball FighterZ | Open Beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Second Beta starts tomorrow for pre-orderers and becomes an Open Beta the day after. The Beta can currently be pre-loaded on either PS4 or Xbox One. The size of the Beta is 2.4 GB on PS4 and 3.13 GB on Xbox One. In order to access the early access, you’ll need to download the Early Access DLC in their respective platform.

The beta will last until January 16th, so roughly 2 days if you pre-ordered and one day if not.

Here’s all the content you can expect in the open beta:

  • World Match
  • Battle Tutorial
  • Rankings
  • Replay Channel
  • Stamps (Limited Set)
  • Lobby Avatar customization (Limited Customization)
  • 7 Stages
  • 11 Characters: SS Goku, SS Vegeta, Gohan (Adult), Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Krilin, Picolo, Nappa, Android 18, and Beerus
  • 2 dramatic scenes that can occur before or after fights between Goku and Frieza under certain circumstances


Overwatch | Overwatch League Launch

The Overwatch League starts tomorrow with 3 games and to celebrate it’s launch, Overwatch players that log on anytime before Februray 13th will receive 100 League Tokens which is a new currency for Overwatch that allows players to buy Team Specific Skins for every character. Currently each Skin costs 100 League Tokens, additional League Tokens can be bought with real money.

To celebrate the launch of the league, each player who logs into Overwatch on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox One between now and February 13 will receive 100 free League Tokens—enough to get one Overwatch League team skin of your choice free. Each future team-skin purchase will require 100 League Tokens.

The games happening tomorrow are:

  • San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Valiant
  • Shanghai Dragons vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
  • Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty

Maplestory | Chu Chu Island Questline

The Chu Chu Island area is the second area of Arcane River and can only be accessed after reaching Level 210 and finishing the Vanishing Journey area first. Chu Chu Island has a total of 10 quests that require something outside of just talking to NPCs. After completing all these quest, you will gain access to the Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbol and the Hungry Muto Party Quest.

1. Master Lyck’s Special Dish

Get 20 Sweet Hoves from Pinedeerspinedeer.png

2. The Five-Color Hill Special

Get 40 Spicy Hoofs from Bighorn Pinedeers


3. The Five-Color Hill Special (2)

Get 30 Greasy Peels from Ewenanas and 30 Sour Peels from Ramananas

4. Fresh from the Slurpy Forest

Get 20 Fresh Mane from Flyons and 30 Zesty Mane from Angry Flyons

5. Fresh from Slurpy Forest (2)

Get 30 Soft Sole from Unripe Wolfruit and 30 Chewy Sole from Ripe Wolfruit

6. Eree Valley’s Catch of the Day

Get 20 Savory Fin from Green Catfishes and 20 Tart Fin from Blue Catfishes

7. Eree Valley’s Catch of the Day (2)

Get 30 Crunchy Shells from Rhyturtles and 30 Soft Shells from Boss Rhyturtles

8. A Taste of Skywhale Mountain

Get 20 Slimy Feathers from Crilias and 20 Sticky Feathers from Patriarch Crilias

9. A Taste of Skywhale Mountain (2)

Get 30 Unpleasant Talons from Birdsharks and 30 Chewy Talons from Patriarch Birdsharks

10. The Secret Ingredient

Defeat Slurpy Tree and obtain the Slurpy Fruit


Black Desert Online | Marni’s Stone

Marni’s Stone is a new way of obtaining additional experience through PvE that was released with Mystic’s Awakening Update. It becomes available for players above Lv. 57 through an Event Quest from the Black Spirit leading you to a Mad Scientist’s Subject. You’ll receive an Experimental Marni’s Stone and have to defeat monsters nearby to fill it up.

Essentially these Marni’s Stone is like a bounty on certain type of monsters. After completing the Black Spirit Quest, you’ll be able to meet Wacky Toshi who can be found at Sand Grain Bazaar, Ibellab Oassis, Shakatu, Valencia City and Old Wisdom Tree.


Wacky Toshi will sell Marni’s Stone for certain monsters in certain areas such as Bashim Monsters. There will be two types of Marni’s Stone, 250 Monsters or 500 Monsters with a respective silver price of 60,000 and 110,000.


After you have collected samples for the stones by obtaining the last hit of a monster kill, you can turn these back to Wacky Toshi for Combat Experience. The Combat Experience is roughly 120% – 160% of the experience obtained from defeating the monster depending on the area. Stacking Marni’s Stone of the same kind will not all work simultaneously, only one will be collecting samples until it is finished.

Marni’s Stone have certain level requirements, so at certain levels only some of the Marni’s Stone are available. Currently Marni’s Stone go up to Lv. 61. These are the areas that currently have Marni’s Stones avalivable:

  • Bashim
  • Cadry
  • Desert Naga
  • Desert Fogan
  • Gahaz Bandits
  • Crescent Shrine
  • Basilisk
  • Centaurus
  • Roud Sulfur Mine
  • Pila Ku
  • Aakman Temple
  • Hystria
  • Navarn Steppe
  • Manshaum
  • Mirumok
  • Forest Ronaros