Warframe | 5 Year Anniversary

It’s time for Warframe’s 5 Year Anniversary Event. This Year, players who log in during the Anniversary Event will be able to claim the Excalibur Dex Skin for free which also comes with the Excalibur Dex Helmet. The Event will be ongoing for 2 weeks or until March 28th.

The previous Anniversary Event items such as the Dex Furis, Dex Syandana, Dex Dakra and Dex Sybaris are also all up for grabs in Exclusive Anniversary Alerts. The item will come with a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst and an additional Weapon slot.


Warframe | Zephyr Prime


Warframe‘s next Prime has been revealed to be Zephyr Prime, she will be bring the Tiberon Prime and Kornen Prime with her. Alongside her arsenal, she will becoming with the Tibor Prime Armor, Commodore Prime Operator Suit and Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit accessories available through Prime Access.


She will become available on March 20th for PC and Xbox, for the US, other systems and regions will be released shortly within 2 days. This means Mirage Prime‘s Prime access will disappear for Zephyr Prime on March 20th, so you roughly have a week before Mirage Prime’s access is no longer available.


Waframe | Eidolon Hydrolyst Guide

The Hydrolyst Eidolon is an enormous and tall Eidolon that has the ability to alter the climate causing green lightning strikes to occasionally strike around him. Similar to the Gantulyst Eidolon, the Hydrolyst Eidolon has a total of 6 Synovia parts and will take a minimum of 3 Charged lures to capture.

Summoning Gantulyst Eidolon


To summon the Hydrolyst Eidolon, you must have first captured the Gantulyst Eidolon and offer the Radiant Eidolon Shard from it to the shrine in the middle of the lake. Depending on the amount of players you have, each player will have to contribute a Radiant Eidolon Shard.



Occasionally, the Hydrolyst Eidolon will summon purple Vomvalyst Blooms which tethers nearby Vomvalyst and makes them invulnerable until the Bloom has been dealt with. Occasionally, the Hydrolyst will emit a beam that will drain player’s energy if they come in contact with it and the frequency of these beam increases as the battle goes on. The Hydrolyst also has continuously homing beams like the Teralyst but are much more accurate.

The Hydrolyst will continuously summon green lightning bolts and those can easily be dodged by avoiding the green bubbles on the floor which indicate where the lightning bolt is going to go and same thing goes for the mines that it occasionally drops which are also green circles on the floor.

Watch out for when the Hydrolyst shoots his gun into the air as it will rain down a bunch of explosive homing projectiles. Also with like every other Eidolon, when you take down one of it’s limbs, it will leave a residue which deals a lot of damage to players that stay on it.


Capturing the Hydrolyst Eidolon will reward 2 Brilliant Eidolon Shards, 2 Radiant Eidolon Shards, 2 Riven Transmuters and a mod from it’s loot table which has a chance to be from Operation Gate Crush alongside a bunch of Sentinel cores.


Waframe | Eidolon Gantulyst Guide

The Gantulyst Eidolon is an enormous and tall Eidolon that utilizes radiant beams of Sentient energy and an enormous boulder arm. Unlike the original Eidolon, the Gantulyst Eidolon has a total of 6 Synovia parts whilst the Teralyst only has 4. The minimum required amount of lures to capture the Gantulyst Eidolon is 3 charged lures. The Gantulyst Eidolon is the only way for players to obtain Radiant Eidolon Shards which is required to summon the Hydrolyst Eidolon.

Summoning Gantulyst Eidolon


To summon the Gantulyst Eidolon, you must have first captured the Teralyst Eidolon and offer the Brilliant Eidolon Shard from it to the shrine in the middle of the lake. Depending on the amount of players you have, each player will have to contribute a Brilliant Eidolon Shard.



Throughout the fight, the Gantulyst Eidolon will consistently spawn out homing balls of sentient energy from it’s back that can be easily dodged due to how slow it is. Occasionally the Gantulyst Eidolon will smash the ground with either a stomp or with it’s boulder arm causing at long distance knockback.

This Eidolon’s main feature is it’s two radiant beam moves and it’s ability to shield. The Gantulyst Eidolon either causes multiple beams from the sky to come down and create a continuous pillar of light (think hammer of dawn) after stomping the ground or it will shoot something into the sky causing a prism of light beams to continuously rotate (disco laser). The Gantulyst Eidolon will occasionally shield itself with a bubble that block incoming damage from outside it, forcing the player to get more in range of the Eidolon. Both of these do a bunch of damage and can easily one-shot players that aren’t ready for it.


The Gantulyst Eidolon being captured rewards 1 Brilliant Eidolon Shard, 1 Radiant Eidolon Shard and a drop from it loot tables which contains mods from Operation: Mutalist Incursions but those drop rates are super rare alongside a bunch of Sentient Cores.


Warframe | Prime Vault Unsealed Relic Locations

Unlike the usual new Relic drop locations, the Prime Vault Unsealed Relics can only be obtained from Cetus Bounties and Syndicate Relic Packs. Each Relic can only be obtained from a certain Tier Bounty and from certain rotations while Syndicate Relic Packs are all based on luck.

Drop Locations

Relic Bounty Tier – Rotation
Lith G2 Tier 2 – A,B,C
Meso E1 Tier 3 – A
Meso F3 Tier 3 – B,C
Neo E1 Tier 4 – A,B
Neo F1 Tier 4 – C
Axi S2 Tier 5 – A,C
Axi L1 Tier 5 – B

Warframe | Prime Vault Unsealed New Relics

The Prime Vault unsealing for Ember Prime, Frost Prime and Loki Prime has introduced 7 new Relics that contain only the Prime Vault primed items in it’s drop table, well those and a forma blueprint. Here are all the Relics introduced by the Prime Vault unsealing and their drop tables, total 1 New Lith, 2 New Meso, 2 New Neo and 2 New Axi Relics.

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Warframe | Shrine of the Eidolon

Warframe‘s next Update, Shrine of the Eidolon is coming this week and in this Update will included the addition of two new Eidolons, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst.


Legends say the Gantulyst wields an enormous boulder for an arm and radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy. The Ostrons built a shrine in its honor hoping to gain its favor.


The Ostrons believe the Hydrolyst is an omen of impending natural disaster. Stories describe a distinct, pungent aroma that precedes the arrival of this toxic beast.

The Update also comes with numerous bug fixes having to deal with Warframes and revamped Warframe abilities and augments. Two other new features to be added in this Update is the ability for players to transmute 4 Rivens into a new one with a Riven Transmuter which only drops from the new Eidolons and the ability to drive the Dargyn in the plains.