Warframe | Fishing Guide

Plains of Eidolon brought upon Fishing into Warframe. In order to start fishing, you need to get a fishing spear; you can either buy one from the Fisher Hai-Luk merchant or get it from ranking up in standing. Then equip the fishing spear into your gear slots. Every single fish spear has a type of fish it is efficient against, the least efficient your spear is to the fish, the more hit it takes to catch it.

After obtaining a fishing spear, you can go to any body of water in Plains of Eidolon and they’ll be a chance for fishes to spawn. Different locations consist of different fishes. Fish will spawn regardless if it’s day or night in the Plains but only certain fishes will come out at night. The better fishes are pretty much located in bodies of water furthest away from Cetus, usually near the main body of water.

Bring out your fishing spear and wait for fishes to spawn. Aim your fishing spear at them and hope to catch them. All fishes have different models and sizes. The bigger they are, the easier they are to catch.

Fishes are categorized into Small,Medium and Large sizes. Each fishes is worth a different amount of standing and gives a different component when skined at the fish merchant. Each fish regardless of type will give Fish Meat, Scales and Oils but in different quantities.

Fish Components and Standing Gain (S,M,L)

  • Mawfish – Mawfish Bones | 25,35,50 | 
  • Norg – Norg Brain | 500,625,1000 |
  • Sharrac – Sharrac Teeth |100,125,200 |
  • Murkray – Murkray Liver | 500,625,1000|
  • Cuthol – Cuthol Tendrils |500,625,1000|
  • Charc Eel – Charc Electroplax |25,35,50|
  • Tralok – Tralok Eyes | 100,125,200 |
  • Khut-Khut – Khut-Khut Venom Sac | 25,35,50 |
  • Mortus Lungfish – Mortus Horn | 100,125,200 |
  • Karkina – Karkina Antenna | 100,125,200|
  • Glappid – Seram Beetle Shell |1200,1500,200|
  • Yogwun – Yogwun Stomach |25,35,50 |
  • Goopolla – Goopolla Spleen | 25,35,50 |



Warframe | Saya’s Vigil

The newest warframe in Warframe, Gara has arrived in the much anticipated Plains of Eidolon expansion through the Saya’s Vigil questline. Saya’s Vigil Quest is a very short quest that is intended to reward Gara’s Blueprint and an introduction of Plains of Eidolon to beginners.

In order to start Saya’s Vigil, go and meet Konzu at Cetus, who gives out the bounties and complete the first bounty. After completing that bounty, Konzu will ask you for a favor to go meet Saya. Saya will be on the other side of Cetus. Saya will ask you to go into the Fields and investigate a drill, where’ll you end up finding a Coffer.

After finding the coffer, you’ll go into the Plains and scan 3 glass fragments. After that, you’ll be sent on find another glass fragment on a Grineer ship. Then, you’ll return back to the Plain to get the final fragment at night.

After obtaining all the shards, you’ll open the coffer and be rewarded the Gara blueprint.

Warframe | Plains of Eidolon

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon expansion info page is finally up here meaning that the update should be coming soon, roughly a week from today. Warframe’s Plain of Eidolon expansion will include:

  • New open-world Plains of Eidolon
  • New Warframe Gara
  • Focus 2.0
  • Mod Sets
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Tenno Reinforcements of Astilla, Volnus, Fusilai, Argonak and Krohkur

Warframe – How to get Nami Skyla Prime

Nami Skyla Prime is the Primed variant of Nami Skyla and is released with announcement of Hydroid Prime. It mainly just features improved stats to it’s non-prime variant.

Forged by a forgotten master, these exquisite blades are bounty from a golden-age long gone.

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Warframe – How to get Ballistica Prime

The Ballistica Prime is currently the newest primed secondary and the first primed secondary crossbow. Ballistica Prime behaviors similar to bow primary wheres you have charged and uncharged shots. Each shot shoots 4 projectiles and takes 4 ammo away from your magazine regardless of it being charged or not.

The beauty of this luxurious gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose. As an added bonus to the Ballistica Prime, enemies killed from its Charged shot within (50 meters) range will now turn into friendly ghosts for 7 seconds!

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Warframe – New Relics for Hydroid Prime Access

Here are all the relics that Hydroid Prime Access brought in, these Relics will replace the ones that had Trinity Prime and her Arsenal from the drop tables.

Hydroid Prime in total brings 3 Lith, 3 Meso, 3 Neo and 3 Axi New Relics.

The Overall Void Relic drop table has been updated to include Relic as of Hydroid Prime here.

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Warframe – Hydroid Prime

The next primed Warframe has just been confirmed to be Hydroid Prime. Coming on August 29th and replacing Oberon Prime Access is the Hydroid Prime Access.

Hydroid Prime‘s arsenal includes the Nami Skyla Prime and the Ballistica Prime.

The introduction of Hydroid Prime’s relics into the game means that Trinity Prime, Dual Kamas Prime and the Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar’s relics will no longer be available from the drop tables once Hydroid Prime’s relics are implemented into the game.

You have a week from the announcement of the Hydroid Prime Access to gather all the relics containing Trinity Prime’s Arsenal before they are put into the Prime Vault on August 29th.