Warframe – Acolyte Weekend

This Weekend (Actually until Tuesday), The Stalker’s Acolyte have returned excluding Misery. These Acolyte will have their own tab in mission selection and will have varied locations and mission types. Defeat an Acolyte to obtain one of their unique mods that enhance certain stats for a duration by performing certain actions.


  • Body Count – Combo Duration+
  • Repeater Clip – Shotgun Fire Rate+
  • Spring-Loaded Chamber – Rifle Fire Rate+
  • Pressurized Magazine – Pistol Fire Rate+


  • Focused Defense – +Armour -Channel Effiency
  • Guided Ordnance – Rifle Accuracy+
  • Targeting Subsystem – Pistol Accuracy+
  • Narrow Barrel – Shotgun Accuracy+


  • Catalyzer Link – Rifle Status Chance+
  • Embedded Catalyzer – Pistol Status Chance+
  • Weeping Wounds – Melee Status Chance+
  • Nano-Applicator – Shotgun Status Chance+


  • Hydraulic Crosshairs – Pistol Critical Chance+
  • Blood Rush – Melee Critical Chance+
  • Laser Sight – Shotgun Critical Chance+
  • Argon Scope – Rifle Critical Chance+


  • Shrapnel Shot – Shotgun Critical Damage+
  • Bladed Rounds – Rifle Critical Damage+
  • Sharpened Bullets – Pistol Critical Damage+
  • Maiming Strike – Melee Critical Damage+

Warframe – How to get Helminth Charger

Helminth Charger is an infested type of Kubrow that is obtained after interacting with Helminth, who is behind the infested door in your liset and is only accessible with the new Warframe, Nidus.

After interacting with Helminth, you’ll have a choice to be infected by Helminth where he stabs your Nidus in the neck and you’ll be infected. You can infect and be infected by others players outside of the relays. You will know you have been infected if there is a pink cyst on the side of your Warframe or hear a distinct sound when in Nidus. After 7 days of being infected, the cyst can be used to breed the Helminth Charger.

Helminth Charger.png

Warframe – How to get Nidus

Warframe – Glast Gambit Update introduced the first infested frame, Nidus.

To obtain Nidus‘ blueprint, you must complete Glast Gambit quest. The remaining of Nidus‘ component blueprints will be located at Infested Savage Missions. You’ll need to stay until Rotation C for a chance of obtaining one of three Nidus blueprints in these Infested Savage missions on Eris.

Warframe – Infested Savage

The Glast Gambit Update for Warframe introduced a new Gamemode, Infested Savage.

It’s similar to Interception but with 3 objectives and an integrity bar, there is an overall progression bar for the overall objective. The more points you have captured or “purified” the faster the progression bar goes.

Killing enemies drop Antiserum and Antiserum Injector Fragments, each point requires at least 2 Antiserum to activate the objective and a maintain a hold of 3 Antiserums. Antiserum Injector Fragments are components, probably going to used for crafting Antiserum later. Each Antiserum lasts roughly 20 seconds.

If you manage to maintain each point to have 2-3 Antiserum at a time, the progression bar will go the fastest. The objectives have an integrity %, if it drops to 0 it will die and you cannot activate that objective anymore. As long as you still have one objective still alive, you won’t fail but the progression bar will be the slowest.

The Infested Savage is currently the only way to obtain Nidus blueprints.


Warframe – Glast Gambit

Warframe – The Glast Gambit Update is now live. The Glast Gambit brings a new Quest involving the Perrin Sequence, Nef Anyo and the return of the Index that unlocks the new Warframe, Nidus. The Glast Gambit also includes a bunch of new infested themed weapons such as the Hema, Hirudo and the new Infested Salvage gamemode.


With the Glast Gambit Update, Shotgun and Secondary Weapon Riven Mods are now available from the sorties.

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