Warframe – Octavia

Waframe – Octavia’s Anthem Update has released Octavia, a musician frame. Her Warframe Blueprint is obtained from completing the Octavia’s Anthem Questline. The remaining components of her are spread out in different locations.

Get Octavia today by purchasing her in the Market for Platinum, or by completing Octavia’s Anthem to get her Blueprint. Her parts can be found in the following ways:

  • By facing your fears of the Infested: Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival!
  • By mastering your Musical abilities: completing the Organ ‘note match’ puzzle on Lua (not one of the Seven Principles).  Completing this puzzle spawns a loot crate that will contain an Octavia Blueprint piece! Please note this puzzle does not spawn on Lua Mobile Defense missions.
  • By revisiting Lua and by discovering new Caches on Lua Exterminate missions.

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Warframe – Octavia’s Anthem

Octavia’s Anthem is Warframe’s current newest optional quest as of the Octavia’s Anthem Update. The quest is available to all players once they have finished the Second Dream quest and is started by visiting Cephalon Suda in any of the relays. Finishing Octavia’s Anthem will reward the player will Octavaia Warframe Blueprint.

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Warframe – Operation: The Pacifism Defect

It’s been a while since Warframe had an event, from now until March 9th; there will be Operation: The Pacifism Defect which can reward the Ignis Wraith, Harkonar Wraith Cosmetics and clan rewards.

To be eligible for Ignis Wraith, you must be in a clan and depending on your clan’s size, your total clan must contribute a minimum number of points. If you joined a clan after the event started, your contributions won’t count towards your clans’.

In Operation: The Pacifism Defect, players will have to rescue Kavor, there are 3 missions. The 1st Mission rewards 1 point per Kavor rescued while the 2nd rewards 2 and the 3rd rewards 4. Only the 3rd Mission will result in getting points contributed to your Clan Scores and it’ll only be your best score, not cumulative. First clear of these mission will reward a cosmetic in the respective order: The Pacifism Defect Emblem, Karkonar Wraith Arm & Leg Armor and Harkonar Wraith Cloak and Chest Armor.

Reward: Ignis Wraith Blueprint

Ghost 260 Pts.
Shadow 760 Pts.
Storm 2,520 Pts.
Mountain 7,560 Pts.
Moon 25,200 Pts.

Reward: Ignis Wraith w/ Weapon Slot & Orokin Catalyst

Ghost 4,000 Pts.
Shadow 12,100 Pts.
Storm 40,300 Pts.
Mountain 121,000 Pts.
Moon 403,000 Pts.

Reward: Ignis Wraith Weapon Research in Clan Dojo

You must score top 10% within your Clan Size ranking.

Reward: Trophies

Teracotta Bronze Silver Gold
Shadow 75 POINTS 300 POINTS 750 POINTS 1500 POINTS
Storm 225 POINTS 900 POINTS 2250 POINTS 4500 POINTS
Mountain 675 POINTS 2700 POINTS 6750 POINTS 13500 POINTS
Moon 2025 POINTS 8100 POINTS 20250 POINTS 40500 POINTS

Warframe – Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime.png

Warframe’s newest Prime, Banshee Prime is coming and is going to replace Volt Prime’s relics. Banshee Prime’s arsenal consist of Banshee Prime, Euphona Prime, Helios Prime with Deconstructor Prime. Buying Banshee Prime’s Access will grant you the Capella Prime Syandana and Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories.

Banshee Prime Accessories.png

Volt Prime and Odonata Prime Relics will go into the Prime Vault on February 28th, farm them before disappear from the loot tables.

Volt Prime Odonata Prime.jpg

Also, Valkyr Prime‘s Prime Access will also disappear to be replaced with Banshee Prime’s.


Warframe – Acolyte Weekend

This Weekend (Actually until Tuesday), The Stalker’s Acolyte have returned excluding Misery. These Acolyte will have their own tab in mission selection and will have varied locations and mission types. Defeat an Acolyte to obtain one of their unique mods that enhance certain stats for a duration by performing certain actions.


  • Body Count – Combo Duration+
  • Repeater Clip – Shotgun Fire Rate+
  • Spring-Loaded Chamber – Rifle Fire Rate+
  • Pressurized Magazine – Pistol Fire Rate+


  • Focused Defense – +Armour -Channel Effiency
  • Guided Ordnance – Rifle Accuracy+
  • Targeting Subsystem – Pistol Accuracy+
  • Narrow Barrel – Shotgun Accuracy+


  • Catalyzer Link – Rifle Status Chance+
  • Embedded Catalyzer – Pistol Status Chance+
  • Weeping Wounds – Melee Status Chance+
  • Nano-Applicator – Shotgun Status Chance+


  • Hydraulic Crosshairs – Pistol Critical Chance+
  • Blood Rush – Melee Critical Chance+
  • Laser Sight – Shotgun Critical Chance+
  • Argon Scope – Rifle Critical Chance+


  • Shrapnel Shot – Shotgun Critical Damage+
  • Bladed Rounds – Rifle Critical Damage+
  • Sharpened Bullets – Pistol Critical Damage+
  • Maiming Strike – Melee Critical Damage+

Warframe – How to get Helminth Charger

Helminth Charger is an infested type of Kubrow that is obtained after interacting with Helminth, who is behind the infested door in your liset and is only accessible with the new Warframe, Nidus.

After interacting with Helminth, you’ll have a choice to be infected by Helminth where he stabs your Nidus in the neck and you’ll be infected. You can infect and be infected by others players outside of the relays. You will know you have been infected if there is a pink cyst on the side of your Warframe or hear a distinct sound when in Nidus. After 7 days of being infected, the cyst can be used to breed the Helminth Charger.

Helminth Charger.png