Path Of Exile | Passive Point Quests

Here are all the quests in Path Of Exile as of version 3.1 that give passive points as a reward. These are the only quests you should mandatory complete if you don’t want or need passive refund points or item rewards. To check if you’re missing any passives type /passives and scroll up to Passive Skill Points from quests and you should have 24 if you have killed all bandits and 22 if not.

  • Act 1 : The Dweller of the Deep, The Marooned Mariner,  The Way Forward
  • Act 2 : Deal With The Bandits (Kill all Bandits)
  • Act 3 : Victario’s Secrets, Piety’s Pets
  • Act 4 : An Indomitable Spirit
  • Act 5 : In Service to Science, Kitava’s Torments
  • Act 6 : The Father of War, The Cloven One, The Puppet Mistress
  • Act 7 : The Master of a Million Faces, Kishara’s Star, Queen of Despair
  • Act 8 : Reflection of Terror, Love is Dead, The Gemling Legion
  • Act 9 : The Ruler of Highgate, Queen of the Sands
  • Act 10 : An End to Hunger, Map to Tsoatha

Call Of Duty: WWII – Multiplayer Open Beta is Live

Call Of Duty: WWII’s PC Multiplayer Open Beta is now live until Oct. 2nd. The Multiplayer will consist of 4 maps: Pointe du Hoc, Ardennes, Gibraltar, and Aachen in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed gamemodes. The Multiplayer Beta also consist of the new War mode on Operation Breakout.

Warframe – How to get Hydroid Prime

Trinity Prime’s Relic has been taken out of the Drop Rates and has been replaced with Hydroid Prime‘s. You can still obtain Trinity Prime’s Items if you have their vaulted relics.

Hydroid Prime is currently the newest Primed Warframe to be introduced.

Command the ocean’s fury with this king of gold and silver. Additionally, Hydroid Prime’s Tentacle Swarm sports a unique look as well as increased overall Armor, Energy, and Shields!

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Warframe – Chains of Harrow Quest

Warframe’s Chains of Harrow Quest is the newest Quest introduced to the game as of the Chains of Harrow Update. It is required to be finished as it is the only way of obtaining the Harrow Warframe blueprint.

The pre-requisites of this Quest is to have completed Second Dream and have the Void node Mott unlocked and completed.

After meeting all the pre-requisites, players can start the quest from their codex.

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Warframe – Twitch Prime

Warframe currently has a promotion with Twitch for Twitch Prime that gives players the following items:

  • Frost Prime
  • Vistapa Syandana Prime
  • Dragon Mod Pack

The promotion will last until July 26th and linking your Twitch account to your Warframe account while having Twitch Prime will yield you these items. Link your account at

Warframe – Mag & Rhino Prime Vault Unsealed

For a limited time, Mag and Rhino Prime‘s relics are back in the game alongside a prime pack that allows anyone to straight-up buy these items along with their primed accessories that were offered in their respected prime access.

These prime items are now available once again to be obtained through Relics.

  • Rhino Prime
  • Mag Prime
  • Boltor Prime
  • Ankyros Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Boar Prime

A list of where the relics drop from can be found here.

Diablo 3 – Rise of the Necromancer

The Rise of the Necromancer Class DLC for Diablo 3 has finally got a release date and price. It will be released on June 27th, 2017 priced at $15 for all platforms. Buying the DLC, players will receive:

  • Wings of the Crypt Guardian
  • Special Necromancer Pennant
  • Half-formed Golem Pet
  • Necromancer Banner & Sigil
  • Necromancer Portrait Frame
  • 2 Extra Character Slots
  • Extra Stash Tabs