Overwatch – Orisa

Overwatch’s next Hero has been revealed to be Orisa. She is an upgraded OR15 defense robot that has been upgraded by a brillaint 11-year-old engineer named Efi Oladele to keep peace in Numbani.


Orisa is a new TANK hero that brings a lot of utility ranging from immunity from CC allowing her to position offensively without being stun locked, CC from a gravitation charge that slows and pulls enemies towards the explosion, a stationary barrier that can be thrown and buffing her allies’ damage.

Orisa currently has a base health of 400.


FUSION DRIVER – Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it. Ammo:200

FORTIFY – Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and cannot be affected by action-impairing effects. CD:10s

HALT! – Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion. CD: 8s

PROTECTIVE BARRIER – Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire. 900 Health Shield with CD:12s

SUPERCHARGER – Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.

Orisa is currently available to be played on PTR.

Warframe – Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime.png

Warframe’s newest Prime, Banshee Prime is coming and is going to replace Volt Prime’s relics. Banshee Prime’s arsenal consist of Banshee Prime, Euphona Prime, Helios Prime with Deconstructor Prime. Buying Banshee Prime’s Access will grant you the Capella Prime Syandana and Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories.

Banshee Prime Accessories.png

Volt Prime and Odonata Prime Relics will go into the Prime Vault on February 28th, farm them before disappear from the loot tables.

Volt Prime Odonata Prime.jpg

Also, Valkyr Prime‘s Prime Access will also disappear to be replaced with Banshee Prime’s.


Path of Exile – 2.6.0 Legacy League

Path Of Exile‘s next challenge league 2.6.0 has been revealed to be Legacy. The League will start on March 3rd leaving only two weeks left of Breach league. Leagcy League is deemed the Ultimate Flashback Event as players throughout this league can obtain Leaguestone each embedded with a previous league’s map modifiers and events that could be implemented into the next map the player joins.


With Leaguestones, you can put at most 3 into the Legacy tab in your Challenges menu. Each Leaguestone can have variations in number of charges and rarity. The number of charges determines how many times the map modifiers can be triggered before the league stone breaking. Each Leaguestone is corrupted on drop meaning that their prefixes and affixes cannot be changed.


Unique Revamping

Since Leagcy brings back previous leagues, it means that league exclusive items will also return but numerous league unique items are out of date or under-powered. In Legacy League, these items have received a buff to be suit the current state of the game.


Hence the name of the league Legacy, if you manage to get an Ancient Reliquary Key, you will be permitted to enter the Reliquary which will contain Legacy unique item meaning they’re original prefixes and affixes before any buffs or nerfs were made. These items are depicted with a rainbow name border and animated art that changes colors.


League Challenges

As always, each league has it’s unique list of challenges and rewards for each 12th interval completion. In this league: completing 12 challenges will yield the Legacy  Footprints Effect, completing 24 will reward the Legacy Weapon Effect and at 36 challenges completed, players will be rewarded the Legacy Portal Effect.

There’s also the totem rewards for every 3rd consecutive challenge completion after 19 have been completed.


New Uniques

Legacy League will be adding 10 new Jewels, 16 new Uniques, one unique Strongbox and 6 new Rogue exiles.

Path of Exile 3.0.0 – The Fall of Oriath

Yesterday, Path of Exile‘s next major expansion version 3.0.0 – The Fall of Oriath was revealed. This expansion would make the total number of acts in the game to 10, alongside removing cruel and merciless difficulty. Not sure how this will affect ascendancy and bandit rewards, they will probably be revamped to fit the one difficulty system.




In the Fall of Oriath, you will make your way to Oriath where your actions have caused Wraeclast to return to it’s former self when it was dominated by the Gods whom the Beast suppressed and fed off.

You return to a new Wraeclast inhabited by the former gods. As you proceed trying to get back to Oriath to fix what you have caused, you will encounter new monsters, areas, items and npcs along the way.

Pantheon System

The Fall of Oriath introduces a new system to further enhance the defensive power of the players. The Pantheon system allows the player to pick one of the 4 major gods and 1 of the remaining 10 gods and obtain unique attributes from them.Pantheon.jpg

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath’s Beta is set to launch sometime between April and May while the full release is set some time during the summer.

There are 3 weeks left in Path Of Exile’s Breach League.


Warframe – Acolyte Weekend

This Weekend (Actually until Tuesday), The Stalker’s Acolyte have returned excluding Misery. These Acolyte will have their own tab in mission selection and will have varied locations and mission types. Defeat an Acolyte to obtain one of their unique mods that enhance certain stats for a duration by performing certain actions.


  • Body Count – Combo Duration+
  • Repeater Clip – Shotgun Fire Rate+
  • Spring-Loaded Chamber – Rifle Fire Rate+
  • Pressurized Magazine – Pistol Fire Rate+


  • Focused Defense – +Armour -Channel Effiency
  • Guided Ordnance – Rifle Accuracy+
  • Targeting Subsystem – Pistol Accuracy+
  • Narrow Barrel – Shotgun Accuracy+


  • Catalyzer Link – Rifle Status Chance+
  • Embedded Catalyzer – Pistol Status Chance+
  • Weeping Wounds – Melee Status Chance+
  • Nano-Applicator – Shotgun Status Chance+


  • Hydraulic Crosshairs – Pistol Critical Chance+
  • Blood Rush – Melee Critical Chance+
  • Laser Sight – Shotgun Critical Chance+
  • Argon Scope – Rifle Critical Chance+


  • Shrapnel Shot – Shotgun Critical Damage+
  • Bladed Rounds – Rifle Critical Damage+
  • Sharpened Bullets – Pistol Critical Damage+
  • Maiming Strike – Melee Critical Damage+