Hearthstone | The Boomsday Project Reveal

Hearthstone‘s latest expansion has been revealed to be The Boomsday Project and will be releasing on August 7th bringing 135 new cards.

The Boomsday Project expansion includes the new Magnetic keyword cards, Omega Cards, Project Cards and the addition of the first legendary Spell cards.  The Magnetic keyword allows mech cards to fuse with other mech cards, combining their stats and abilities. Omega Cards which gains a bonus when played at full mana and Project Cards that affect both players.


E3 2018 | Bethesda Press Conference Announcement

The Bethesda Press Conference was the last major press conference tonight at E3 2018. Here are all the announcements made at the Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference.

Bethesda Press Conference

E3 2018 | Microsoft Press Conference Announcements

The Microsoft Press Conference is the first conference today at E3. Microsoft revealed a bunch of new games and the conference almost took 2 hours. Here are all the games announced at the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2018.

Microsoft Press Conference

Hearthstone | The Witchwood

The first expansion of Hearthstone‘s Year of the Raven has been revealed to be The Witchwood. The expansion will be launching soon and starting on March 26th, new cards will be revealed everyday leading up to the launch of The Witchwood.

The city of Gilneas once lived in uneasy peace with the sprawling, ancient forest that looms beyond its walls. That was before a darkness began to fester in the heart of the forest. . . .

Before the curse of The Witchwood!

A sunless gloom now cloaks winding trails as gnarled branches claw hungrily at passersby. Terrified travelers speak of misshapen shadows flickering in an unearthly mist. In the witching hours, eerie figures are seen stalking the narrow alleys and foggy, cobble-stoned streets of the city itself!

Join Gilneas’ bravest heroes they hunt for the source of the dreadful curse in Hearthstone’s latest expansion! Whatever lurks in the heart of The Witchwood will soon discover that it has bitten off more than it can chew—the people of Gilneas bite back.

New Cards & Keywords

The Witchwood Expansion includes 135 all new Witchwood themed. A new theme of these cards are that some of these cards give bonuses depending if your deck has even number or odd number cost cards.

Echo and Rush are the two new keyword cards that are going to be included in this expansion. Cards with the Echo keyword can be played multiple times within the same turn as long as you can pay the mana. Cards with the Rush keyword can attack opposing minions on the same turn they are played.

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt will launch two weeks after The Witchwood expansion launches. Monster Hunt is The Witchwood’s single-player mode where players will defeat bosses to build up their deck as they venture deeper into The Witchwood.

Overwatch | 2018 Lunar New Year Event


The Overwatch 2018 Lunar New Year Event, The Year of the Dog is now underway. This Event includes changes to Capture the Flag, the addition of the Capture the Flag competitive season that will last the duration of the event and a new Capture the Flag map, Ayutthaya. This event also includes 50+ new cosmetics, some Lunar themed and some not.


There are 6 new Legendary skins released:

  • Baihu Genji
  • Magistrate McCree
  • Qinglong Pharah
  • Zhuque Mercy
  • Xuanwu Zarya
  • Black Lily Widowmaker