Hearthstone – Knights of the Frozen Throne

Hearthstone’s next expansion has been announced to be Knights of the Frozen Throne and this time, all of it’s contents are free.

The new card in Knights of the Frozen Thrones are the Death Knight Hero Cards which when played replaces your current Hero, giving you a new Hero Power and some kind of defensive buff.


Coming along in this expansion are Frozen Throne themed cards and Lifesteal becoming a keyword that now steals the same amount of health that you deal.


Though you risk your soul merely by entering Icecrown Citadel, the Missions will cost you nothing! The rewards for braving them, however, are enticing indeed: after completing all the Missions, you’ll receive a total of three Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs. Completing the Prologue mission will also add a random Legendary Death Knight Hero card to your collection!

As always every expansion comes with a new board, exclusive cardback and pre-ordering of packs.

Hearthstone – Journey to Un’Goro

Hearthstone’s next expansion: Journey to Un’Goro has been revealed. In Un’Goro crater, you will encounter primordial beasts that have been imbued with elemental powers alongside enhanced elemental beings. As with every expansion, Journey to Un’Goro also includes it’s unique overgrown Un’Goro gameboard.


Journey to Un’Goro features 135 new elemental & primordial themed cards including the new elemental minion type cards. Some existing cards that pertain to this category will also become elemental minion type cards as of the expansion.


Some cards in the Journey to Un’Goro have the unique keyword Adapt which allows the player to choose one of three available adaptions to buff their minions. There are a total of 10 adaptions.



Another new type of card is the Quest Card which are legendary and you can only have one present at a time in your deck. The Quest Card will always be in your first draw and if you can complete the Quest stated on the Quest Card, you will be rewarded. Once a Quest Card is activated, both players will be able to see it.


Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro is set to launch sometime in April, with news every 3 weeks until it’s launch.