Path of Exile – Harbinger League Currency

The Harbinger League for Path of Exile introduces 6 new currency items that are obtained only in the component form called shards into the game alongside adding shards for pre-existing currencies.

Regal, Chaos, Exalted Orbs and Mirror of Kalandra have all been given components version of itself. All of these currencies will require 20 component shards of itself to become the usable currency version.

All these new currency items are only obtainable through defeating a Harbinger.

New Currency Effect
Ancient Orb Reforges an Unique Item into another of the same item class. (ex. Any Unique Dagger can become another Unique Dagger regardless of weapon base)
Engineer’s Orb Improves the quality of a strongbox.
Harbinger’s Orb Reforges a map into a higher tier.
Orb of Annulment Removes a random property from an Item. (Magic & Rare only)
Orb of Binding Upgrades a normal item to rare and links it up to a maximum of 4.
Orb of Horizons Reforges a map in another of the same tier.

Path of Exile – Fall of Oriath Labyrinth Locations

The 3.0.0 Expansion: Fall of Oriath has changed the game to a total of 10 acts instead of 4 acts that required multiple completion of the story in different difficulties. The first labyrinth will require the completion of 6 Trials, with the remaining two requiring 3.

The Labyrinth – Level 33

Lower Prison (Act 1)
Chamber of Sins – Level 2 (Act 2)
Crypts – Level 1 (Act 2)
 The Crematorium (Act 3)
 Catacombs (Act 3)
 Hedge Maze (Act 3)

The Cruel Labyrinth – Level 55

The Lower Prison (Act 6)
The Crypt (Act 7)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)

The Merciless Labyrinth – Level 55

The Bath House (Act 8)
The Tunnel (Act 9)
The Ossuary (Act 10)

Path of Exile – Harbinger League

With the release of Fall of Oriath, Path of Exile will also have another new challenge league. This time, its called Harbinger and involves a new and unknown invading force called the Harbingers.


The Harbingers will randomly appear and continuously summon their monsters after you, the only way to damage the Harbinger is to defeat their invading force. Defeating a Harbinger can yield new currency items and new unique item parts.


As always there will be a total of 40 new challenges that can be completed throughout the whole league. Completing each interval of 12 will reward a specific reward. After the 19th challenge, every consecutive 3rd challenge after that will reward a hideout totem piece.

Harbinger league will launch simultaneously with the Fall of Oriath expansion on August 4th.

Path of Exile – 2.5.0: Breach

Path of Exile‘s next Update: Breach has been revealed, it will be live in 2 weeks – December 2nd. Update 2.5.0 – Breach has a lot of game performance additions along with new Challenge Leagues.

In Breach, players will be able to encounter rifts throughout Wraeclast where it can be activate summoning Breach creatures, defeating these creatures can drop Splinters that are used to craft Breachstone that can be used to enter a certain Breachstone’s Domain.

There is a breach type for every damage type currently: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical and Chaos.

Tears in the fabric of reality have formed throughout Wraeclast. Engage them to expose an alternate realm and reveal those who dwell there. Slay monsters inside the Breach to keep it open long enough to reap your bounty.Similar to Beyond league, players will be find tears in the world of Wraeclast.

Deep in these Breachlord’s Domain, players will have chances to obtain treasure only available in these Domains. If you are lucky enough to find one of these new uniques and obtain a Blessing of Xoph from a Breachlord, players will be able to upgrade a breach unique to an even more powerful version of it, Similar to prophecy upgrades.


Path of Exile – Prophecy League Challenges & Rewards

The Challenges for Path of Exile – Prophecy has been anounced, you can view all 40 challenges here. This is also the first time, League Rewards are rewarding a pet.

Reward Aquisition
Prophecy Footprints Effects Complete any 12 Challenges
Prophecy Weapon Effect Complete any 24 Challenges
Navali’s Monkey Pet Complete any 36 Challenges
Prophecy Totem Pole Decorations 19,22,25,28,31,34,37,40 Challenge Complete

Path of Exile – End-game Labyrinth

More information about the End-Game Labyrinth going to be released in Prophecy has been revealed.

The End-Game Labyrinth will only be accessible after completing the 6 Trials of Ascendancy, each time a trial is completed, it will reward a key which is required to get into the End-Game Labyrinth by using it at the Map Device.

The End-Game Labyrinth’s Trials of Ascendancy will be found in low map tiers presumably tier 1-6 and the Trials are not longer static, meaning that the layout will be different each time.

There is also a new trap:

Sentinel Traps are stationary traps that can be suppressed by dealing damage to them. After being damaged, they deactivate for a few seconds. They’ll reactivate automatically a little while later. While active, their payloads can include various types of elemental damage and negative effects such as hurting you if you use a movement skill nearby. You’ll want to keep them suppressed as much as possible while solving the Trials they are in.

End-Game Labyrinth will also have a leaderboards, rewarding another jewel for having the fastest clear of the day in each league.