Path of Exile | Incursion League

Path of Exile‘s next upcoming League, Incursion has been announced and will be released on June 1st.

In Incursion, we will be traveling in time back to when the Vaal Empire was at it’s peak. Occasionally, a new NPC Alva Valai will appear creating a portal for us to travel back in time to when the Temple of Atzoatl was being constructed, the amount of time that we stay within that portal is extended by the more we kill.


While the players are within the Temple of Atzoatl’s construction, they will have the ability to alter the course of history for the Temple which will allow the player to enter new rooms, swap rooms, or upgrade existing rooms for increased loot and difficulty the next time they go back. Players can only change the content of the Temple 11 times.


After completing 11 of these events, Alva Valai will have located the location of the present-day Temple of Atzoatl, where players can visit and see how they have altered the course of history for the Temple by exploring it themselves along with the jungle around the Temple. The loot and rooms of the Temple will be based on how the players have changed the content of the Temple through Incursions. Players have the ability to reset the Temple past and try again.


This league will include 12 new skills gems alongside revamp of both Vaal Skill gems and normal skills along a bunch of new weapon affixes and prefixes and new uniques


Path Of Exile | How to get the Loreweave Unique Armor

Loreweave is a Unique Elegant Ringmail Armor that was introduced during the Bestiary League of Path of Exile. This Unique item cannot be found naturally within the game through monsters drops and is only available through a certain vendor recipe.

The vendor recipe is to vendor 60 or a whole tab of Unique Rings regardless of level, duplication or if it’s corrupted or not.

Loreweave is guaranteed to come with 6 sockets and raises yours maximum resistance somewhere around the range of 76% – 80% without giving any actual resistance.


Path of Exile | Beastcrafting

Beastcrafting is a new mechanic that was introduced in Path of Exile’s Bestiary League. Throughout the Bestiary League, players will be able to captures Beasts and will occasionally captured Yellow Skull and Red Skull beasts which are beasts that have a red mod to them. The Yellow Skull beasts have one red mod while the Red Skulls have two.

While players capture more beasts, they’ll discover more and more Beastcrafting recipes. Players can check what recipes they have and what monsters are under their possession by pressing H and switching to the Bestiary tab.


Players can access Beastcrafting by visiting The Menagerie through any town or Einhar Frey. While at The Menagerie, players can view all of the beasts they have captured in their own respective habitat, Caverns, Depths, Sands and Wilds.


In order to craft the new recipes, players must use the Blood Altar and choose the recipe they want to do. Players will have to sacrifice certain beasts to the Blood Altar that satisfies the recipe then proceed to fight the beasts sacrificed. Note that the item level of the recipes that given an item will be based on the beast that is first sacrificed. Also that if you fail to defeat the beasts at the Blood Altar, they will despawn and you’ll have to recaptured them again. So, it’s more favorable for players to make every beasts except for the first one as weak as possible.


With Beastcrafting players can sacrifice the Red Skull beasts or the legendary beasts to make random unique items or modify items such as adding mods to a rare map, coloring an item’s sockets or linking item sockets. Also note that high tier beasts can be substituted for lower beast such as a rare beast can be substituted for a magic beast in a beastcrafting recipe.

The most rare of the Beastcrafting recipes are the ones that open a portal to the Spirit Realm. There are a total of 4 Spirit Realms, each containing one of the first beasts. The 4 first beasts are

  • Saqawal, First of the Sky
  • Craiceann, First of the Deep
  • Fenumus, First of the Night
  • Farrul, First of the Plains

The difficulty of the beasts are also in this order as the map level of the portals are 70, 74, 77, and 80. The red skull beasts required to conjure up one of these portals to the Spirit Beasts are very rare. While in the Spirit Realm, players will have to fight 3 unique beast themed after the Spirit Beast before players have a chance of fighting one of the first beasts. Note that the beasts required to summon the portal is very rare and the captured Spirit Beasts allows players to craft Spirit Beast exclusive modifications to existing items.

Luckily, players can seal their captured beast into a Bestiary Orb sold by Einhar Frey. This will be available one week into the league.


Path Of Exile | Bestiary Expansion

Path of Exile‘s next Upcoming expansion, Bestiary¬†was revealed today and it adds much more content than the usual expansions that happen during the filler months between Path Of Exile’s major expansion.The expansion will be launching on March 2nd.

Bestiary League


In Bestiary, players will have the ability to capture dangerous beast ranging from normal up to unique mobs and put them into a Menagerie or Zoo. The captured beasts then can be sacrificed for Beastcrafting which creates new items or modifies existing items into even more powerful items.


Spirit Beasts are new unique end-game bosses that are included in the Bestiary league and are only accessible through Beastcrafting a portal to the Spirit Lands. Once in the Spirit Lands, you’ll be able to challenge these Spirit Beast for one of their exclusive unique drops.


Revamped Ascendancy Classes

Every single Ascendancy Class is going to receive a revamp, buffing some previously unrewarding Ascendancy to the same level as other stronger one and by introducing new mechanics such as Berserker’s rage. Some skills will be left untouched and some will only receive some number changes.


The Uber Elder

The Bestiary expansion will be adding an Uber version of Elder at the center of the atlas giving Elder the same level of difficulty as the Shaper himself. From this, the Elder will also have new unique items added to it’s drop table, specifically new ones that drop only from the Uber version.

New Uniques, Mechanics, Quest & Gems

The Bestiary Expansion is finally going to give some love to the prophecy mechanic by adding 30 new Fated Uniques giving lower level uniques an upgraded version. Along with the new Fated Uniques, there will also be 29 new Uniques added to the game. A bunch of new mechanics relating to specific unique and rare will also be added to the game.

Bestiary will introduced 3 new skill gems, Spectral Shield Throw, Tectonic Strike and the Summon Phantasm on Kill support skill gem. Also, Act Ten will also be receiving an additional quest

Path of Exile | How to get Oni-Goroshi Charan’s Sword


Oni-Goroshi is an all-new Unique that was introduced in version 3.1.1c of Path of Exile and replaced The Goddess Unleashed unique. There are currently only two ways of obtaining this unique weapon:

  • Killing Hillock.
  • Obtaining 27 Rebirth divination cards.

The catch for killing Hillock is that it requires that your character to be Level 7 but it’s very difficult to level up to 7 without entering Town because you can only get experience from killing enemies at the strand. A method to getting to Level 7 is to make 4-5 characters and have them clear the strand and keep switching characters so that the zone is able to reset for each character. Hillock will drop the sword if he’s glowing green meaning that he is currently using the sword.

As for the divination cards, it will only drop in Story excluding some areas, so these divination will not naturally drop in Maps.

Path Of Exile | Shaped Amulets Prefixes & Suffixes

Path Of Exile‘s newest expansion: War for the Atlas has added in Shaped and Elder items. These are special items that add new and exclusive mods to pre-existing items that can only drop from maps that are influenced from Shaper. Just like other items, Item Level will determine how high a roll can go and which mods is available for the item to roll. These items can be re-rolled with a chaos orb, essence crafted and master crafted.

Here are all the prefixes and suffix that can roll on shaped Amulets excluding the one’s that can roll normally on amulets.

Item Level 68 – Suffixes

  • Grants Level 22 Determination, Grace, Discipline, Haste, Vitality, Clarity Skill
  • (25 – 35)% of Block Chance to Spell Block
  • (6-9)% Increased Attributes
  • (5-10)% Increased Attribute Requirements
  • (3-6)% chance to gain Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill
  • +2% Maximum Block Chance

Item Level 68 – Prefixes

  • (0.3-0.5)% of Cold Damage or Lightning Damaged Leeched as Life
  • (4-6)% Increased Movement Speed
  • Gain (10-15)% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold or Lightning Damage
  • Damage Penetrates (4-7)% Elemental Resists

Item Level 75 – Suffixes

  • (11-15)% Increased Attribute Requirements
  • (36 – 40)% of Block Chance to Spell Block
  • (10-12)% Increased Attributes
  • (4-7)% Increased Quantity of Items Found
  • (7-10)% chance to gain Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill

Item Level 75 – Prefixes

  • Gain (16-20)% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold or Lightning Damage

Item Level 80 – Prefixes

  • 1% Increased Damage per 15 Dex or Int

Item Level 82 – Suffixes

  • (3-5)% reduced Mana Reserved
  • Damage Penetrates (8-10)% Elemental Resists

Item Level 84 – Prefixes

  • (7-8)% Increased Movement Speed

Item Level 85 – Suffixes

  • (8-10)% Increased Quantity of Items Found

Path Of Exile | Twitch Drops


Path Of Exile is the 4th game after Warframe to get Twitch Drops which rewards players with game loot for watching Path of Exile streams. Players that watch Path of Exile streams will have a 1% to receive one of the helmet skins every 5 minutes. Roughly a helmet skin will be rewarded after 500.

Each Helmet Skin has it’s own rarity, so there will be two RNG elements, one for a helmet to be reward and one to determine the helmet skin. But you can only receive one helmet skin.

  • You can only win one helmet skin per account.
  • Your chances of receiving a prize do not increase by having multiple streams open simultaneously.
  • If you’re a streamer, all you need to do to include your viewers in Twitch Drops is pick Path of Exile as your game while streaming on Twitch and you’ll automatically be included.
  • Twitch Drops will run from the time of this post until Monday December 18th (PST).
  • This promotion is limited to PC accounts only.
  • You’ll receive a PM on the website to notify you when you’ve won.