Path Of Exile | Twitch Drops


Path Of Exile is the 4th game after Warframe to get Twitch Drops which rewards players with game loot for watching Path of Exile streams. Players that watch Path of Exile streams will have a 1% to receive one of the helmet skins every 5 minutes. Roughly a helmet skin will be rewarded after 500.

Each Helmet Skin has it’s own rarity, so there will be two RNG elements, one for a helmet to be reward and one to determine the helmet skin. But you can only receive one helmet skin.

  • You can only win one helmet skin per account.
  • Your chances of receiving a prize do not increase by having multiple streams open simultaneously.
  • If you’re a streamer, all you need to do to include your viewers in Twitch Drops is pick Path of Exile as your game while streaming on Twitch and you’ll automatically be included.
  • Twitch Drops will run from the time of this post until Monday December 18th (PST).
  • This promotion is limited to PC accounts only.
  • You’ll receive a PM on the website to notify you when you’ve won.



Path Of Exile | Abyss Challenge League


Path Of Exile‘s upcoming Expansion, War for the Atlas will released with a new Challenge League, Abyss.

In Abyss League, players will wander upon cracks in the terrain which will have abyss monster spawn out of them. Follow the cracks and you’ll find a massive chasm that have numerous amount of dangerous monster spawn out of it.

Once you defeat these monsters, the Abyss continues to propagate, creating more chasms. Take too long, and the Abyss will seal shut, but if you’re quick and deadly enough, a chest filled with valuable rewards will emerge from below.

Players will also have a chance of gaining access to the Abyssal Depths at higher levels. Abyssal Depths contain much more monsters than the chasm spawns and can potentially have a Lich within it which is the only way of obtaining the exclusive Abyss Uniques.

Abyss Jewels is a new type of Jewel that drop only from Abyss monsters or from the Abyss chest. They can only be socked into Abyss-sockets which only abyss items have. They seem to take over a Gem socket.

As always each Challenge League has 40 new challenges, every time 12 challenges are completed players will receive a cosmetic reward. The cosmetics rewards in order are: Abyssal Helmet Skin, Abyss Wings and Abyss Portal Effect. After the 19th challenge, every consecutive 3rd challenge done will reward a Totem Pole decoration for your hideout.

Path of Exile | War for the Atlas

Path Of Exile‘s newest expansion, War for the Atlas has been revealed. The expansion will launch December 8th, 2017. Alongside War for the Atlas, is the Abyss challenge league which will have more information revealed later.


In War for the Atlas, the Shaper‘s control of the Atlas of Worlds is being contested by The Elder. The Atlas of Worlds has been reforged and throughout the Atlas, there will be certain region of the map controlled by either the Elder or the Shape. Depending on who control each region, there will be different mechanics within the map.


Just like the Shaper, the Elder will also have this own Guardians. A total of 32 new maps will be added in this expansion. While exploring the new Atlas of Worlds, you may encounter Shaped or Elder items which correspond to the Map’s control. These items have powerful properties that don’t normally drop or can be crafted.


As with every other expansion, there will be new gems and new unique items. New Supporter packs are also available based on this newest expansion.

Path Of Exile – What Maps to Shape

When you reach endgame in Path Of Exile, you will enter the map system and will eventually wander upon a Shaper’s Orb when you complete the bonus objective on certain maps throughout the atlas. The Shaper Orb will upgrade an unlocked map into a +5 tier version of itself when you use it on a map on your atlas like a currency item. The normal version of the map will no longer drop and will be replaced with the shape version of it. Usually every league has map changes causing the ideal map to shape to change. Here are my recommendation for what maps should be shaped.

Remember that these are only recommendation and are based on my personal preference. The map you shape should be based on your personal preference and build.

Current Version: 3.0.0

Tier Map Reasoning
  • Jungle Valley
  • Linear & Density
  • Beach
  • Oasis
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Channel
  • Arid Lake
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Acid Lakes
  • Graveyard
  • Linear
  • Density
  • Primordial Pool
  • Linear & Density
  • Canyon
  • Racecourse
  • Linear & Density (2 Bosses)
  • Linear (3 Bosses)
  • Mud Geyser
  • Ashen Woods
  • Linear (Circle)
  • Density
8 (2 Orbs)
  • Tropical Island
  • Cemetery
  • Bog
  • Linear & Density
  • Density (3 Bosses)
  • Density
9 (3 Orbs)
  • Coves
  • Reef
  • Promenade
  • Linear & Density
  • Linear & Density
  • Linear
10 (3 Orbs)
  • Courtyard
  • Underground River
  • Port
  • Density
  • Linear
  • Linear


Gamescom 2017 – Xbox Conference Announcements

The Xbox Conference at Gamescom 2017 just happened and it only showed off one new game but other than that, it was pretty much just a bunch of new trailers for things that we already knew were going to happen.

  • Assassin’s Creed Oirigins [Trailer]
  • Jurassic World Evolution | Summer 2018 | [Trailer]
  • ReCore Definitive Edition | 08.29.17 | [Trailer]
  • World of Tanks | 11.07.17 | [Trailer]
  • ID@Xbox [Trailer]
  • Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition [Trailer] [Unboxing]
  • Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition | 10.03.17 | [Trailer]
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War [Trailer]

Path of Exile – Harbinger League Currency

The Harbinger League for Path of Exile introduces 6 new currency items that are obtained only in the component form called shards into the game alongside adding shards for pre-existing currencies.

Regal, Chaos, Exalted Orbs and Mirror of Kalandra have all been given components version of itself. All of these currencies will require 20 component shards of itself to become the usable currency version.

All these new currency items are only obtainable through defeating a Harbinger.

New Currency Effect
Ancient Orb Reforges an Unique Item into another of the same item class. (ex. Any Unique Dagger can become another Unique Dagger regardless of weapon base)
Engineer’s Orb Improves the quality of a strongbox.
Harbinger’s Orb Reforges a map into a higher tier.
Orb of Annulment Removes a random property from an Item. (Magic & Rare only)
Orb of Binding Upgrades a normal item to rare and links it up to a maximum of 4.
Orb of Horizons Reforges a map in another of the same tier.

Path of Exile – Fall of Oriath Labyrinth Locations

The 3.0.0 Expansion: Fall of Oriath has changed the game to a total of 10 acts instead of 4 acts that required multiple completion of the story in different difficulties. The first labyrinth will require the completion of 6 Trials, with the remaining two requiring 3.

The Labyrinth – Level 33

Lower Prison (Act 1)
Chamber of Sins – Level 2 (Act 2)
Crypts – Level 1 (Act 2)
The Crematorium (Act 3)
Catacombs (Act 3)
Imperial Gardens (Act 3)

The Cruel Labyrinth – Level 55

The Lower Prison (Act 6)
The Crypt (Act 7)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)

The Merciless Labyrinth – Level 55

The Bath House (Act 8)
The Tunnel (Act 9)
The Ossuary (Act 10)