Street Fighter V | Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V is getting an Arcade Edition on January 16th, 2018 and it will be a free upgrade to all players. Arcade Edition includes new V-Triggers and moves for all characters.


Destiny 2 | Clarion Call Event

Destiny 2 is currently having a Clarion Call Event that applies only to clans. From Nov. 17th until Nov. 20th, players who play with at least one of there teammates will receive double EXP throughout whatever they are doing.

This Event isn’t only limited to players that were already in Clans before the Event, you can join a Clan and still get the event.

Warframe | Operation: Plague Star

It’s been a while since Warframe has any form of events. Operation: Plague Star is a new Operation Event that will take place in the Plains of Eidolon. A mysterious infested meteroite has crashed on the Plains of Eidolon and the only way to prevent the infested from the meteroite from reaching Cetus is to destroy the boil with grineer toxins.

This operation will have the players doing a 4- step Konzu Bounty relating to Operation: Plague Star that will reward Operation Standing that can be used to by Event Rewards similar to the previous Event, Operation: Ambulas Reborn. Players will receive a minimum of 1000 Operation Standing after finishing the Bounty but they can receive more points per Bounty by augmenting the Toxin by using Eidolon Phylaxis from Nakak and Infested Catalyst from the clan. Essentially, players will need to do the bounty 100 times if they aren’t in a clan or aren’t able to get the Phylaxis.


  • Head out onto the plains and find a Toxin Canister hidden within one of the Grineer caves
  • Take the canister to a mixing machine and defend the machine while it mixes
  • Deposit the mixed toxin into a drone
  • Escort the drone to the boil
  • Kill of the Infested released from the boil.


You can access the Operational Supply by going to Nakak. There are 3 Titles which the top title can be reached by doing the Operation 6 times. Makes sure to upgrade your title after finishing the Bounty once. Then again after 2 more bounties. And one last time after 3 more bounties. Then all the rewards are open and you can collect as much standing as you want.

Item Cost
Fosfor Blau & Rahd Blueprint x20
250 Standing & 500 Credit Launch a bright (red & blue) flare that significantly increases Affinity Range while active.
Plague Star Emblem
500 Standing & 1000 Credit To commemorate Tenno who helped defend Cetus from the Infested scourge.
Cetus Wisp
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
Radian Sentirum
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
Heart Nyth
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
Murkray Liver
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
Norg Brain
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
Cuthol Tendrils
750 Standing & 1500 Credits Crafting component.
1500 Standing & 3500 Credits Pistol Mod – Improves the blast radius of secondary launcher weapons. +24% Blast Radius at Max.
1500 Standing & 3500 Credits Sentinel Mod – Revives owner to 100% in 4s then self-destructs.
3000 Standing & 5000 Credits A straight up Forma.
Eidolon Phylaxis Blueprint x5
2000 Standing & 4000 Credits Used to buff toxin and give more points doing bounties.
Snipetron Blueprint
3000 Standing Sniper Rifle Primary
Ether Daggers Blueprint
3000 Standing Dual Melee Weapon
Exodia Contagion Blueprint
500 Standing & 1500 Credits Melee attacks unleash a projectile of Infested Energy later a Bullet Jump or Double Jump.
Exodia Epidemic Blueprint
500 Standing & 1500 Credits Slam Attacks after a Bullet Jump or Double Jump unleashes a shockwave of Infested Energy suspending enemies caught in the blast radius.
Plague Akwin Blueprint
2000 Standing & 3500 Credits An Infested one-handed grip. Increases in speed at the cost of damage.
Plague Keewar Blueprint
2000 Standing & 3500 Credits An infested scythe or staff head strike that deals viral damage. Increases damage at the cost of speed.
Plague Bokwin Blueprint
2000 Standing & 3500 Credits An infested two-handed grip. Increases damage at the cost of speed.
Plague Kripath Blueprint
2000 Standing & 3500 Credits AN infested rapier or polearm that deals viral damage. Increase speed at the cost of damage.

Path of Exile | War for the Atlas

Path Of Exile‘s newest expansion, War for the Atlas has been revealed. The expansion will launch December 8th, 2017. Alongside War for the Atlas, is the Abyss challenge league which will have more information revealed later.


In War for the Atlas, the Shaper‘s control of the Atlas of Worlds is being contested by The Elder. The Atlas of Worlds has been reforged and throughout the Atlas, there will be certain region of the map controlled by either the Elder or the Shape. Depending on who control each region, there will be different mechanics within the map.


Just like the Shaper, the Elder will also have this own Guardians. A total of 32 new maps will be added in this expansion. While exploring the new Atlas of Worlds, you may encounter Shaped or Elder items which correspond to the Map’s control. These items have powerful properties that don’t normally drop or can be crafted.


As with every other expansion, there will be new gems and new unique items. New Supporter packs are also available based on this newest expansion.

Warframe | Free Vectis & Vectis Tekelu Skin

Warframe is giving away a Vectis and Vectis Tekelu Skin to all players. To redeem your reward, go to and enter FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N as your code after you have logged in. Otherwise if your lazy, just click on this link here after you have logged in.


Destiny 2 | Faction Rally


Destiny 2’s Faction Rally is an event where players who have completed the campaign will be able pledge allegiance to 1 of the 3 factions: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult and New Monarchy at the Tower. You’ll be forced to go and meet with every Faction before pledging allegiance to one and once you have pledged, it can’t be undone.

After pledging allegiance to one of the factions, you’ll be able to obtain their respective Tokens from doing Lost Sectors, Public Events, Crucibles, Strikes and the Raid. You can turn in your 20 tokens to your faction leader to obtain an engram that contains exclusive items including weapons and armor that come only from that faction.

Also note that Faction Rally is also a competition between Factions, after the Faction Rally has ended, whichever Faction that has the most Tokens turned in will win and have their exclusive weapon up for sell to their members for 1,000 Glimmer. Otherwise, players from other factions can buy the weapon for 50,000 Glimmer.