Hearthstone | The Boomsday Project Reveal

Hearthstone‘s latest expansion has been revealed to be The Boomsday Project and will be releasing on August 7th bringing 135 new cards.

The Boomsday Project expansion includes the new Magnetic keyword cards, Omega Cards, Project Cards and the addition of the first legendary Spell cards.  The Magnetic keyword allows mech cards to fuse with other mech cards, combining their stats and abilities. Omega Cards which gains a bonus when played at full mana and Project Cards that affect both players.


Overwatch | Wrecking Ball

Overwatch revealed their 28th hero today and it’s a hamster in a huge mech with the codename Wrecking Ball. The hamster’s real name is Hammond and this hero is a very mobile tank capable of disruption enemy positions alongside being a threat to the backline.

Wrecking Ball’s tinkering capabilities and iron-clad mech make him a formidable tank hero, capable of bowling through the front line of the opposition and causing mayhem in the back line.



Automatic assault weapons.


Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.


Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high speed collisions to damage and knockback enemies.


Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.


Create temporary personal shields. Amount increases with more enemies nearby.


Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.

Warframe | Limbo Prime New Relics

Here are all the relics that the Limbo Prime Access update has brought in, these Relics will replace the ones that had Nekros Prime and his Arsenal of Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime from the relic drop tables.

Limbo Prime in total brings 2 Lith, 2 Meso, 3 Neo and 3 Axi New Relics.

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Warframe | Limbo Prime

Warframe‘s newest Warframe, Limbo Prime is now available in game. Him alongside with his arsenal of Destreza Prime and Pyrana Prime will replace Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime.

Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime‘s relics will no longer be in the drop tables, the only way of obtaining these relics is through trading. Alongside the removal of these relic from the drop table, Zephyr Prime Access has officially ended making way for the new Limbo Prime Access.

Syndicate sacrifices that requires any of the items above have been changed to existing Prime items that are still in the drop table.

  • Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics -> Mirage Prime Systems.
  • Cephalon Suda sacrifice of Nekros Prime Chassis -> Oberon Prime Chassis.
  • Steel Meridian sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics -> Zephyr Prime Chassis.
  • Steel Meridian sacrifice of Galatine Prime Blade -> Sybaris Prime Stock.


Warframe | The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is the newest main quest as of Update 23 for Warframe. In order to start the Sacrifice quest, players must have completed the Apostasy Prologue, then proceed to the codex to start it. The Sacrifice is the quest that introduces Excalibur Umbra and is the only way to obtain Excalibur Umbra, Skiajati nikana, and the new Umbra mods. One thing very unique about Excalibur Umbra is that when the player is in Operator mode, it has a mind of it’s own and will automatically fight using the player’s loadout.

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E3 2018 | Nintendo Direct Announcements

Today was the last day of major game announcements made by Nintendo through Nintendo Direct. Here are all the announcements that were made at Nintendo Direct E3 2018. Games that don’t have an explicit trailer were revealed at the Software Lineup trailer here.

Nintendo E3 Direct Livestream