Overwatch – Uprising

Overwatch’s newest event Uprising is now live until May 1st. The event includes a PvE story  fixed-hero mission and an arcade version that doesn’t have fixed-heroes.

Get ready for the ultimate recall. Our latest seasonal event turns back the clock, giving you the chance to relive a pivotal moment in Overwatch history. Explore the stories behind some of your favorite heroes, unlock pieces of the past with over 100 declassified Loot Box items, or suit up with your friends and join Tracer on her very first mission in a brand-new cooperative brawl.

It’s time to rewind the future. Welcome to Overwatch Uprising!

New Loot Boxes

As with every new event, there’s always a new type of loot boxes coming with it to reward event exclusive cosmetics.


Diablo 3 – Season 10

Diablo 3 Season 10.jpg

Diablo 3’s Season 10 has just started today but similar to the last 3 seasons before it, it won’t have much new content. Pretty much any build that worked for the last 3 season will remain as meta with the exception of Primal Ancients making them even stronger.

Season 10 Haedrig’s Gift

  • Barbarian – The Legacy of Raekor
  • Crusader – Armor of Akkhan
  • Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder
  • Monk – Inna’s Mantra
  • Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt
  • Wizard – Delsere’s Magnum Opus