Warframe | Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert 2018

Warframe‘s seasonal Halloween Tactical Alert: Hallowed Nightmares has made it’s return. This time the tactical alert will last from October 19th to November 1st and rewards a Dread Day of the Dead Skin, outside of that, the tactical alert hasn’t changed at all.

You will be completing a Sabotage Mission where your Warframe’s health and shield will be drop to 100 and you can’t use your weapons or Warframe abilities.

There are two parts to the Sabotage Mission, you must first reach the locked door which you need to hack 2 panels on opposites sides to obtain 2 cells to unlock the door to the next room.

After that, you will have to defeat the Jack’o’naut. You must lure him next the stacked pumpkins or explosive barrels that create a ring of fire which damages it.

There are a total of 3 Missions for Hallowed Nightmares: Normal, Endurance and Time Attack. Completing either Normal or Endurance will yield a reward but the Time Attack requires a time faster than 666 seconds to get the Orokin Reactor.


Mission Reward
Normal Day of the Dead Sigil
Endurance Dread Day of the Dead Skin
Time Attack Orokin Reactor @666 (faster than 5 minutes and 56 seconds)

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