Warframe | The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is the newest main quest as of Update 23 for Warframe. In order to start the Sacrifice quest, players must have completed the Apostasy Prologue, then proceed to the codex to start it. The Sacrifice is the quest that introduces Excalibur Umbra and is the only way to obtain Excalibur Umbra, Skiajati nikana, and the new Umbra mods. One thing very unique about Excalibur Umbra is that when the player is in Operator mode, it has a mind of it’s own and will automatically fight using the player’s loadout.

After initiating the Quest, players will go into the personal quarters and examine Lotus’ helmet which will send the players to Lith, Earth.

Mission 1 – Investigate Sentient Energy

On Lith, Earth the player will wander into an Orokin Courtyard where the players will find what remains of Excalibur Umbra’s items. Scan all 4 of what remains of Excalibur Umbra and that proceed back to the Liset.

Mission 2 – Explore Lua

After scanning what remains of Excalibur Prime, you find that there isn’t enough information to recreate the Warframe. Therefore, you go to Pavlov, Lua in hopes of finding answers. At Pavlov, you’ll find old sentients called Mimics and two new Orokin puzzles that requires the players to search around for pair of symbols that are used to bypass the puzzles. After completing the two puzzles, the players will find a Vitruvian which is an Orokin Tablet then return back to the list.

Mission 3 – Search for Umbra

Now the player has enough information to create Excalibur Umbra and equip it, but after equipping it, it turns out it’s sentience and rejects transference. The player than get a glimpse of the Warframe’s memory followed by having Excalibur Umbra escaping to Nuovo, Ceres. You follow Excalibur Umbra to Nuovo and force a transference by stunning him with your void powers and is presented with another memory of Excalibur Umbra.

Mission 4 – Pursue Umbra

Excalibur Umbra escapes again and you follow him to Triton, Neptune and force another transference giving you another memory. Again, Excalibur Umbra escapes and goes to Tycho, Lua.

Mission 5 – Confront Umbra

At Tycho, Lua, the operator confronts Excalibur Umbra again but without a Warframe. The player has to take away Excalibur Umbra’s shields away and force another transference, after forcing this transference, the player is finally able to control Excalibur Umbra. You fight you away out of Tycho, Lua and go to confront Ballas on Lith, Earth.

Mission 6 – Return to Earth

The player returns to earth with Excalibur Umbra and confronts Ballas, where the players have to defeat 4 Mimics and 2 Conculysts sentients. After defeating the sentients, the player stabs Ballas and confronts Natah. She escapes with the presumed died Ballas and the player returns to the Liset. The player is then rewarded with Excalibur Umbra Sunder Helmet, Umbra’s Capture Courtyard Scene, Excalibur Umbra’s Agile and Noble animation sets in the inbox.