Maplestory – Override

GMS’s version of KMS’s Beyond Update is codenamed Override which in my opinion is kinda lame but just like the Beyond Update, the main 3 components of this major update is New 5th Job Skills, Arcana and the Legion System.

Override Registration Event

Similar to every major update Maplestory has, there always some type of Event to build up hype for the event rewarding items. Essentially, you have to register for the Update then share the new content that reveal about it here.


New 5th Job Skills

Every single job is getting a new 5th Job skill and every Job type such as Cygnus, Explorer, Resistance are getting a new class skill.


Legion System

The Legion System replaces the Character Card system in the game. The Legion System depends on the number of characters you have and their levels. Depending on the number of characters and their levels, you will gain corresponding shape that will fit on a grid similar to tetris. Your character class determines the shape of the piece and your level determines the size of it.legionSystem.png

Specific regions of the grid give special stats with the inner square rewarding basic Stats, M.ATK & W.ATK increases while the outer square rewards more specific stats such as Boss Damage, Critical Damage and more.


Depending on the number of characters and levels you have, you will be categorized into specific Legion rankings from Nameless Legion, Renowned Legion, Heroic Legion and the Legendary Legion. Each Ranking has 5 tiers and every 500 Levels separates the tiers (Nameless 1, Nameless 2.. etc). The higher ranking you are the more rewards you can get.

Legion Raid puts you and all your character against a Raid Boss, you’ll be controlling one character while your remaining character will just deal damage. The number of attackers you can have in the Legion Raid is dependent on your Legion Ranking. The damage they deal is based on their rank, job and star force. The good thing about this Raid is that even when you’re not actively fighting it, your other characters will be. As you deal damage to the Raid Boss, you’ll be earning Legion Coins that can be traded in for various rewards.


Arcana is the fourth area of Arcane River after Lacheln. Enemies within Arcana start at Lvl. 230 and there is also an Arcane Symbol located in Arcana.


Omega Sector

Omega Sector is also back as a Lv. 165+ zone.  There isn’t much of an incentive to finish the quests here except if GMS is going to have an event that rewards the White Mesoranger gear but that’s still has a 30 day duration. Other than that, the Boss should drop numerous items that sell for a decent amount of mesos.


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