Maplestory – V-Matrix

V-Matrix is essentially 5th Job, it allows player to obtain new skills, enhance previous skills and receive buffs. It utilizes a new resource called nodes that can only be obtained in Arcane River or events.

Players get nodes from Nodestones, when you open a Nodestone you will get a random Nodestone with no restriction on what can appear but you have a tendency to get nodes corresponding to your character more often than not. Reaching 5th Job gives you your job specific skill node.Nodestone.png


There are 3 kinds of Nodes: Skill Nodes, Boost Nodes & Special Nodes.

  • Skill Nodes – These are your unique skills, you should have at least one for your class and job (ex. Mage & Ice/Lightning). The remaining are open to all classes such as Holy Symbol, Combat Orders, etc. Maximum Level of 25.
  • Boost Nodes – These enhance 3 of your previous skills, it also includes some Hyper skills. Boosted skills receive an additional bonus at Level 20 & 40 relating the skill. Maximum Level of 50.
  • Special Nodes – These are miscellaneous condition required buffs that are usually gimmicks that only work out for certain jobs. Maximum Level of 1.


Players start with 4 slots in their V-Matrix at Level 200, at every 6 Level interval a new slot will be unlocked. You can place any node in any of the slots as long as it isn’t the same node. For Boost Nodes, the Node is considered the same if the first skill is the same, every other skills doesn’t matter.

Currently, players can only unlock up to 11 Slots total.


Disassembling Nodes

For Nodes that you don’t want or need at all, you can disassemble them. Level 1 Skill Nodes give 40 Nodeshards while Boost Nodes given 10 and Special Nodes give 50.

Crafting Nodes

The Nodeshards you get from disassembling nodes can be used to craft new nodes. Skill Nodes cost 200, Boost Nodes cost 70, Special Nodes cost 250 or you could try your luck by creating another Nodestone for 35 Nodeshards.

Efficient Boost Nodes

The most efficient way of enhancing your previous skills is to find 3 previous skills that you want to receive the boost then proceed to obtain 3 nodes that have all of those skills but each of node’s first skill is different. Getting 3 Nodes to Level 17/16/17 is more cost-efficient than getting 1 Node to Level 50.

If you ever decide to get 1 Node to 50 after that point, you can disassemble those other nodes for a fraction of the Nodes used in Nodeshards used in return.


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