Maplestory – Arcane Force

Arcane Force is a new mechanic introduced in the Maplestory V update that also brought along the Arcane River region. Arcane Force is similar to Star Force and is mandatory in Arcane River, or you won’t get anywhere.


Arcane Force


Every monster in Arcane River has a minimum required Arcane Force, if you meet that requirement you’ll be doing full damage to it. If you manage to get 50% more Arcane Force than required, then you’ll be dealing 50% more damage.

Without any Arcane Force, you’ll be dealing 10% of your total damage to Arcane River monsters.

The percentage difference from your Arcane Force and the enemy’s required Arcane Force will determine the amount of damage you’ll be dealing.

Arcane Symbols


Arcane Symbols are the only way to obtain Arcane Force and there are currently 3 Arcane Symbols: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, and Lachelein. They are obtained by doing the quest line in each respective area.

When you first obtain your Arcane Force, it will be level 1 and will have to be leveled up to increase the Arcane Force & Main Stat amount it gives. Each Arcane Symbol level up will add +10 Arcane Force and +100 flat main stat. (Xenon have +125 all stat base and +39 per level up while Demon Avengers get +4200 hp base and +1400 each level up).

There are currently 2 ways of getting Arcane Symbols to upgrade your existing Arcane Symbols, either through monster drop in their respective area or the respective area’s quests.

Vanishing Journey – Daily Quests

Vanishing Journey’s way of obtaining Arcane Force is through doing Daily Quests. Each day, you’ll get 5 quests where you can veto one and have it replaced with another but it isn’t guaranteed. Each quest rewards 1 Arcane Symbol and finishing all of the Daily Quests rewards 3 extra Arcane Symbols.

Chu Chu Island – Party Quest

Chu Chu Island has a daily party quest that can be completed up to 3 times. It can done solo or up to 4 players. You will be rewarded Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbols depending on your clear time.

Lachelein – Dream Breaker

Lachelein will be a solo mission where players have 3 minutes to fill up a gauge by defeating monsters in 5 rooms to complete a stage. There are a total of 100 stages and players can enter 3 times a day. Players will be rewarded a certain amount of Dream Coins depending on their clear stage. Trade in 30 of those Coins for 1 Lachelein Arcane Symbol.


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