Warframe – Glast Gambit Quest

The Glast Gambit Quest is the Quest released rom the Glast Gambit Update for Warframe. Completing it allows the players to access the node to farm the new Warframe, Nidus.

Requirements for the Quest: War Within

You will have to go to any relay and go to the Perrin Sequence Quarter to start the Glast Gambit. 

After starting the Quest and leaving, you will receive a message from Ergo Glast. The first location is Monolith, Phobos with the objective of securing the Mycona Colony by closing 3 gates by destroying the Infested Growths that are making it impossible for the Myconians to close. Completing the closing the gate, brings you to finish off some infested pods, then you will extract.


The 2nd Mission is the Challenge Nef Anyo on the Index on Neptune wagering 100,000 credits with 20,000 profit. Complete 3 rounds of Index, each with increasing harder enemies.

3rd Mission is the return to the Index again wagering 120,000 credits for another 3 rounds. If you win then you get 2 captives back and 20,000 credits.

You should probably of figured out the pattern, you’ll be going back to the Index again for 3 rounds wagering 140,000 credits and a potential profit of 4 captives and 20,000 credits.

The pattern continues with another trip to the Index Wooooo! Wager 160,000 Credits for a potential profit of 6 captives and 20,000 credits.

Finally, after 4 trips to the Index, you’ll be going back to the index again. Wagering 180,000 Credits and All of Ergo’s holding which means nothing to us for Neewa. Surprise, Nef Anyo cheated and there more to this quest.

Now you go on a Spy mission and uncover Nef Anyo’s cheats. After discovering Nef Anyo’s Cheats, you’ll be going back to the Index again for the last time and re-gain everything you lost last time.

After completing that Index, you are given a choice to either cure Neewa, leave her be or let her choose. After choosing, you will finish the quest being granted the Nidus Warframe blueprint.

The remaining Nidus blueprints can be found in the new Infested Savage modes from rotation C on Eris.


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