Maplestory – V: Limitless

The first update of Maplestory V, Limitless is now live in GMS. Essentially Limitless:

  • Removes the cap on Damage Limit (not really, you’re just capped at 10b damage instead now)
  • A revamped UI that is more modular
  • Reduced the level requirement to reach level 200 (just up to 200, anything above still remains)
  • An Auction House
  • Stats Removal

 Damage Cap


The removal of the Damage Cap has resulted in the following Skills that used to break the Damage Cap to be changed to either an overall damage increase, boss damage or defense ignore.

  • Angelic Buster: Final Ribbon – Overwhelm has changed to Final Ribbon – Enhance.
    • Final Ribbon’s damage increase from debuff is increased by 20%. Level Requirement: 168
  • Arch Mage (Fire, Poison): Mist Eruption – Limit Break has changed to Mist Eruption – Reinforce.
    • Mist Eruption’s damage is increased by 10%. Level Requirement: 155
  • Marksman: Sniping – Limit Break has changed to Sniping – Boss Rush.
    • Sniping’s damage to bosses is increased by 10%. Level Requirement: 195
  • Shadower: Assassinate – Limit Break has changed to Assassinate – Guardbreak.
    • Assassinate’s DEF ignored is increased by 10%. Level Requirement: 195



Limitless has removed Minimum and Maximum Critical Damage and replaced it with a flat Critical Damage increase category.

Accuracy has also been completely removed, accuracy is now determined by the ratio between player and monster levels. The higher the ratio difference, the less damage a player will deal to the monster.

All Defenses have now been merged into a single Defense category, meaning that magic properties from monster attack no longer apply. The new damage formula makes it so players which previously had low defenses now take less damage and players with high defenses take more damage.

These stats given by potential, bonus potential, character card, etc have been replaced.


Quality Of Life Changes


There are a bunch of QoL changes in Limitless such as:

  • Auction House (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Modular UI
  • Maximum Inventory Storage expanded to 128 for each tab
  • Pots and Use Items stack up to 10x their original value (Mostly 2000)
  • Coins stack sizes are much bigger.
  • EXP Loss doesn’t happen in Hard Hilla, Easy/Normal Arkarium, Easy/Normal Von Leon. (Probably still happens in Gollux .__.)
  • Identical Jobs now share Cash Shop inventory.
  • Link Skills no longer require players to log separately into each character.
  • Spawn Rates have been increased for some high level maps (Temple of Time, Kritias, etc.)
  • Cash Shop inventory slot is now 2000.
  • Navigation now works on NPCs on the same map.

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