Hearthstone – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is Live

Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is now live. The new expansion includes 3 types of cards, The Grimmy Goons, The Kabal and The Jade Lotus.

Each card type can only be used by specific heroes such as Warriors, Hunters, and Paladins can use only the Grimmy Goon cards; Mage, Priest and Warlocks can use the Kabal Cards and Rogue, Druid and Shaman can use the Jade Lotus cards.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion includes 132 all new cards themed after

The fragile truce between the city’s three crime families has been shattered, and now the rowdy Grimy Goons, the volatile Kabal, and the secretive Jade Lotus want you to choose sides!


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