Warframe – How to get Venka Prime

Alongside the vaulting of Nova Prime‘s Arsenal, Vasto Prime’s relics are not longer available n the drop table. It has been replaced with a melee weapon, Venka Prime.

The Venka Prime is currently the first and newest Primed claw weapon. It has a modified combo multiplier increasing it’s critical chance by 75% than 50%.

Gleaming blades of white draw blood of the deepest red.



Requirements: Mastery Rank 8

Physical Damage: 55

Impact: 2.75

Puncture: 11

Slash: 41.25

Attack Speed: 1.05

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Damage: 250%

Status Chance: 15%

Polarity: 1 Madurai

Special: Modified Critical Combo

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Venka Prime BP Neo N4
Venka Prime Gaunlet Neo V4
Venka Prime Blades Axi V5


Venka Prime vs. Venka

  • Higher Base Damage (+18)
  • Faster Attack Speed (+.05)
  • Higher Impact/Puncture/Slash Damage
  • Higher Critical Chance (+10%)
  • Higher Critical Damage (+50%)

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