Warframe – How to get Valkyr Prime

Nova Prime’s Relic has been taken out of the Drop Rates and has been replaced with Valkyr Prime’s. If you have existing Nova Prime Relics, you can still get Nova Prime.

Valkyr Prime is currently the newest Primed Warframe to be introduced. Her component requirements aren’t as outrageous as previous primes.

A proud fighter emerges unscarred by time or malice.



Health: 100

Shield: 50

Armor: 700

Power: 150

Sprint Speed: 1.10

Polarity: 3 Madurai

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Valkyr Prime BP Meso S3
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Meso C2
Valkyr Prime Chassis Axi V5
Valkyr Prime Systems Meso V3


Valkyr Prime vs. Regular Valkyr

  • Higher Power (+50)
  • Higher Armor (+100)
  • Additional  Madurai Polarity

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