Warframe – How to get Cernos Prime

Alongside the vaulting of Nova Prime‘s Arsenal, Soma Prime‘s relics are not longer available n the drop table. It has been replaced with the Cernos Prime.

The Cernos Prime is the newest Primary Bow and has the ability to show three arrows rather than one, making it one of the best bows currently.

A noble bow to hunt hellish beasts.



Requirements: Mastery Rank 8

Physical Damage: 360

Impact: 324

Puncture: 18

Slash: 18

Attack Speed: 1.0

Critical Chance: 35%

Critical Damage: 200%

Status Chance: 10%

Accuracy: 16.7

Polarity: 2 Madurai

Special: Shoots 3 Horizontal Arrows

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Cernos Prime BP Axi V4
Cernos Prime Grip Neo V4
Cernos Prime String Neo A1
Cernos Prime Upper Limb Meso C2
Cernos Prime Lower Limb Axi C1


Cernos Prime vs. Rakta Cernos

  • Shoots 3 Arrows
  • Higher Physical/Impact/Slash/Puncture Damage
  • Less Status Chance (-5%)
  • Slower Charge Time (1s vs .25s)
  • Lacks a Naramon Polarity
  • Slower Flight Spider (-30m/s)

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