Warframe – Void Trader [ November 4th-6th]

Baro has returned to Larunda Relay on Mercury.

He will be there from November 18th-20th.

Recurring Item.

Sand of Inaros Blueprint 200Ducats+ 50,000 Credits

Item Cost
Primed Pressure Point 385Ducats+ 300,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Sentinel Wings 400Ducats+ 250,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Sentinel Tail 400Ducats+ 250,000 Credits
Prisma Yamako Syandana 400Ducats+ 250,000 Credits
Prisma Sigil 50Ducats+ 50,000 Credits
Pyra Sugatra 100Ducats+ 200,000 Credits
Primed Heavy Trauma  350Ducats+ 100,000 Credits
Prova Vandal 410Ducats+ 250,000 Credits
Prisma Tetra 400Ducats+ 50,000 Credits
Grustrag Three Beacon 200Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Stalker Beacon 200Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Zanuka Hunter Beacon 200Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Chest Plate 150Ducats+ 250,000 Credits

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