Path of Exile – 2.5.0: Breach

Path of Exile‘s next Update: Breach has been revealed, it will be live in 2 weeks – December 2nd. Update 2.5.0 – Breach has a lot of game performance additions along with new Challenge Leagues.

In Breach, players will be able to encounter rifts throughout Wraeclast where it can be activate summoning Breach creatures, defeating these creatures can drop Splinters that are used to craft Breachstone that can be used to enter a certain Breachstone’s Domain.

There is a breach type for every damage type currently: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical and Chaos.

Tears in the fabric of reality have formed throughout Wraeclast. Engage them to expose an alternate realm and reveal those who dwell there. Slay monsters inside the Breach to keep it open long enough to reap your bounty.Similar to Beyond league, players will be find tears in the world of Wraeclast.

Deep in these Breachlord’s Domain, players will have chances to obtain treasure only available in these Domains. If you are lucky enough to find one of these new uniques and obtain a Blessing of Xoph from a Breachlord, players will be able to upgrade a breach unique to an even more powerful version of it, Similar to prophecy upgrades.



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