Maplestory – V

Earlier this year, KMS released Maplestory V which introduced the long awaited 5th Job. In a little less than 2 weeks, Maplestory V will be going live.

There is a currently a Promotion that will be running until November 27, 2016 that can net you some exclusive gear for Maplestory, you can find out more about the promotion here.


5th Job: V

5th Job isn’t as traditional as previous Jobs, it’s like a combination of Hyper Skills and a normal Job advancement. 5th Job will unlock new abilities for your class alongside a V-Matrix which is a system that allows players to use the new skills alongside being able to upgrade old and new skills alike to their playstyle by inserting certain Nodes ranging from Skill that unlocks New Skills, Boost that enhance current skills or Special Nodes which is a unique node that has current conditions which costs Node Shards that drop from new content.

You obtain these Nodes from monster drops in the Arcane River, open the Boxes and you will receive a node, sometimes off a different job which you can’t use. Use duplicate nodes to level up the nodes’ your using.

Max Node Levels:

Skill Nodes: 40

Boost Nodes: 20

Special Nodes: 1

There are pre-requisites that can be currently complete in order to advance to 5th Job.


Maplestory: V removes the dreaded damage caps, so high HPS jobs aren’t meta anymore.


New Area

As with previous Job Advancements, there’s always a new area released with it. 5th Job will be unlocking the Arcane River which sprouts out from the Temple of Time. This new Area introduces Lucid, the newest Boss.


Arcane Set

  • Arcane Shade Hat (65 main stat/secondary stat, 7 attack/magic attack, 15% defense ignore, 11 slots)
  • Arcane Shade Suit (85 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 10% defense ignore, 12 slots)
  • Arcane Shade Shoes (40 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
  • Arcane Shade Gloves (40 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
  • Arcane Shade Cape (35 all stats, 6 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
  • Arcane Shade Shoulder (35 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 1 slot)
  • Arcane Shade weapons (100 main stat/secondary stat, 30% boss damage, 20% defense ignore, 8 slots)

Arcane Set Effect

  • 2 items: 2000 HP/MP,  30 attack/magic attack
  • 3 items: 50 all stats, 35 attack/magic attack
  • 4 items: 40 attack/magic attack, 400 defense, 10% defense ignore
  • 5 items: 30 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage
  • 6 items: 30% HP/MP, 30 attack/magic attack
  • 7 items: 30 attack/magic attack, 10% defense ignore



Experience Gain Increase

In order for players to ascend to 5th Job, they must reached Level 200. To make it easier for players to reach 5th Job, the total experience required to reached Level 200 has been reduced by 30%.

EXP Degress.jpg


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