Warframe – U19 Faction Invasion Changes

The War Within has revamped the Faction Invasion system to now include vandal and wraith rewards.

The revamp adds the Interception game mode to Invasion missions and puts some Invasion nodes have a rotating game mode every 15 minutes (i.e, Extermination, Spy, Defense).

  • Winning factions will now ‘Occupy’ the node for up to 24 hours. During this period, the invaders will raid the location for resources towards a mysterious ‘Construction Project’.
  • Factions now pay an additional 1000 Credits each time you run a mission for them on the same node (up to max of 10K).

Faction Specific Events

Depending on the progression of some Invasions, it could lead to some specific event that will reward probably some previous exclusive event items. For example, if the Grineer win, they can build Fomorian and the opposing side can fight against it and try to obtain the Imperator Vandal.


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