Warframe – The War Within Quest

The War Within is the latest Update to Warframe and itself comes with a new quest that introduces two new systems to Warframe. Beware: Spoilers below.


After finishing the Second Dream, you will receive the War Within Quest in the Inbox. Inside, the lotus will tell you that someone is messing with tine reservoir on Lua. Through the quest, you will have 3 chances to make one of three choices, which in my experience yield no difference in the ending but changes the progression of the story barely.

Quest 1: Investigate the Reservoir on Lua – Zeipel, Lua

Someone is interfering with the reservoir on Lua. When you go there, you will find Teshin and he asks you to leave or there will be dire consequences. Teshin escapes and leaves a Specter behind, and you capture it to follow him.


Quest 2: Track Teshin – Carpo, Saturn

You track down Teshin to Jupiter, where you find out that Teshin is looking for the queens and refuses your help. You capture another Teshin specter and pursuit him further.


Quest 3: Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field

You follow Teshin to an Asteroid field off of Sedna and on your Archwing you find a grineer ship. You use the ship to avoid scanners that instantly kill you. Upon dodging the scanners, you meet the Kuva Grineers on an asteroid and go to disable the security in a defense. After defending and killing all the remaining Grineer, you find that this Asteroid Field contain the Queen’s Fortress. At this point, there is no return if you decide to go to the Fortress. Upon reaching to fortress, you lose your connection with Lotus and you proceed alone until you reach the Queen’s chamber. Upon reaching the Queen’s chamber, you find Teshin and found out that he’s working for the Queens. Teshin then disables your Warframe and the Queen messes with your transference.

You lose your connection with your Warframe and your transference. Ordis, then tries to purge you and makes you land unto a Mountain Pass. On that Mountain Pass as your operator, you follow the Mountain Ridge and go into some old orokin cave where you met Teshin and he traps you inside the Orokin Prison. Inside the prison, you try to uses your Void abilities to active some old Ayatan Sculpture mechanism, where you fail and fall resulting in your leg being stabbed.

You find yourself crippled and having only one way to get out, but you are hunted by an Golden Maw. You must navigate your way out of the cemetery, each time you pass the Golden Maw, you regain some of your void powers and you have to use your new learned power to proceed. At the end, you regain all your powers and gain the inherent power to Transference. With the power to Transference, you control the Orokin creature and use it against it’s allies and make you way out of the cemetery.

Upon leaving the cemetery, you find yourself at an old Orokin theater. At this point, you realize that Teshin is trying to save you by making you stronger and opposing the corruption of the queens. Teshin reveals that he is a Dax, a strong warrior made by the Orokin and the last of his kind and his only weakness is that he cannot disobey Orokin blood or the scepter. After learning this, you reflect the queen’s attempt to corrupt you and return back to your ship.

You knowing that Teshin helped saved you, you decided to go back and save Teshin. You magically teleport to your Warframe and fight the queen with your new-found void powers. You will have to go against a Kuva Guardian, the method to defeat it is to go outside Transferance and use your melee to stun then void dash through it. After, you can either use your operation left click skill or melee with your Warframe to defeat the Kuva Guardian. After defeating the first Kuva Guardian, you will use your void power to break 3 of the Queen’s latching cords. After breaking 3, you have to defeat 2 more Kuva Guardians and the another 3 Guardians. After defeating all the Guardians, you have to proceed and defeat Teshin through just melee combat. After that, all you have to do is void dash into the Queen when her shields are down and you’ll defeat her.

After defeating the Queen, you will extract from the Fortress and return to the ship. After returning to your ship, you once again go back to the Mountain Pass and instead of falling and crippling your leg, you control the Ayatan Sculpture and make your way to the top of the Mountain Pass. At the top of the Mountain Pass, you will find Teshin and after talking to him, you will end the Quest.


After finishing the Quest, you will receive

  • Broken Scepter
  • Orvius Blueprint
  • Riven Mod 
  • Grineer Queens Glyph





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