Warframe – Riven Mods

Riven Mods are new mods from the Warframe: The War Within Update, you will receive a Riven Mod after completing the Quest.

After receiving your Riven Mod, you will have to check the Mod and see what it is. The Riven Mod can be uses for any possible item that can have a mod equipped.

Each Riven Mod has an objective, you must complete. Example Objectives:

  • Find 3 Rare Syndicate Medallions (Any Medallions)
  • Perform 75 finishers within a Day.
  • Defend an objective where the objective takes no damage. Lvl. 30 Enemies+.

After finishing the objective, your Riven mod will be activated and will recieve anywhere from 2 to 4 mods, either positive or negative which also determines the mastery requirement. 

Riven Mod.png

You can reroll the Mods on the Riven by using the 900 Kuva’s.


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