Warframe – Void Trader [ November 4th-6th]

Baro has returned to Orcus Relay on Pluto for his 50th Time, hoping for something good…. and it’s gone.

He will be there from November 4th-6th.

Recurring Item.

Sand of Inaros Blueprint Starts the Sands of Inaros Questline 200Ducats+ 50,000 Credits

Item Description Cost
Primed Continuity – Warframe Maximum +55% Power Duration 175Ducats+ 55,000 Credits
Mara Detron – Pistol “For Orkin-era smugglers, this fearsome handheld shotgun was a favored tool for ‘dispute resolution’. 250Ducats+ 100,000 Credits
Primed Flow – Warframe Maximum +275% Power Max 150Ducats+ 55,000 Credits
Baro Ki’Teer Noggle Statue A wobby embodiment of grace and distinction 35Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Prisma Shade A rare jewel of the void. How could anything so beautiful be crafted for stealth? 185Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation – Pistol Converts unused ammo to Pistol ammo. 200Ducats+ 70,000 Credits
Machete Wraith – Melee A different take on a familiar combat knife, the Machete Wraith features unique styling. 210Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Nexus Fur Pattern – Kubrow A unique fur pattern for your kubrow. 75Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Eos Prime Chestplate Decorative cosmetic. 60Ducats+ 37,500 Credits
Eos Prime Shoulderplates Decorative cosmetic. 25Ducats+ 37,500 Credits
Eos Prime Spurs Decorative cosmetic. 35Ducats+ 37,500 Credits
Ki’Teer Arrow Skin Arrows of distinction, the perrect compliment for any bow 185Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Sekhara Stand apart from the crowd with this Ki’Teer original 200Ducats+ 100,000 Credits
Pummel – Pistol Maximum +120% Impact 150Ducats+ 75,000 Credits
Full Contact – Shotgun Maximum +120% Impact 180Ducats+ 110,000 Credits
Crash Course – Rifle Maximum +120% Impact 165Ducats+ 100,000 Credits
Collison Force – Melee Maximum +120% Impact 200Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Ki’Teer  Diax Syandana Define style with this crystalline cape. 160Ducats+ 225,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Kubrow Armor Fashioned for the most refined breed of Kubrow. 225Ducats+ 125,000 Credits
Pedestial Prime Behold, the singular vision of a great artist and the life’s work of a master craftsmen. An artifact so refined, so imbued with the finest material that is has no equal in this system. This is the plinth that all others aspire to be. This is Pedestal Prime. 1,000,000 Credits
Primed Cryo Rounds Maximum +165% Cold 350Ducats+ 110,000 Credits
Ki’Teer  Fireworks A bombastic symphony of color. 50Ducats+ 100,000 Credits

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