Heroes of the Storm – Forged by Fire

Heroes of the Storm‘s next Expansion has been revealed at Blizzcon 2016, adding two new heroes from the WoW Universe, a new Map and a Cross-over event with Overwatch.

Forged by Fire will have Varian, the High King of the Alliance and Ragnaros, the Firelord joining the Heroes of the Storm universe. BlackHeart’s Revenge is a new map that has an attacking and defending team, each have to complete a different objective to win the game.


Never one to back down from a difficult task or shy away from the front lines, King Varian Wrynn has always sought to do what he believes is best for his people. Without question, he is eager pick up a sword and shield in defense of the Alliance, Azeroth, and now. . . The Nexus. There is no opponent too great nor battlefield too harsh to stop Varian from leading those around him toward victory.


Great leaders know that a successful conquest requires the flexibility to adapt to any new challenges that may arise on the field of battle. Through talents, Varian can be built to fit several different disciplines and is the first multi-class hero to enter the Nexus. Be the shield your team needs by taunting enemies and soaking tons of damage, or split Shalamayne into its component swords and lead with your blades to cut down any who stand in your way.


From deep within Sulfuron Keep in the Firelands, Ragnaros has turned his fiery gaze toward the Nexus in his conquest to bring about the end of days by purging all life in flame and ash.


Harness the volcanic wrath of The Firelord to call down flaming meteors, crush foes with the explosive might of Sulfuras, and summon lava waves that will incinerate an entire lane’s worth of enemy minions. When faced with a counter-attack, Ragnaros can empower a Fort or Keep, becoming a towering inferno over the structure and gaining a second set of abilities that will help you engulf assailants in the fires of doom. Ally yourself with Ragnaros to bring about a new era of destruction in the Nexus and show your opponents the true meaning of the words “raid boss”.

New Map: Blackheart’s Revenge

Avast, ye, hearties! The ol’ sea dog Captain Blackheart has shoved off in his ghost ship and taken to the high seas on a mission to blow the docks to smithereens. Will you aid him in turning the docks into a cloud of splinters, or will you fill his ship full of holes until it sinks into the briny deep?


This Brawl is the first battleground to feature attack/defend style mechanics and introduces asymmetrical gameplay to Heroes of the Storm. On Blackheart’s Revenge, only one team has a Core. They must gather cannonballs, load them into the cannons located around the docks, and fire on the ship in hopes of sending Blackheart to a watery grave. Defenders must assist the ghost pirate in his siege by stopping the attacking team from collecting enough cannonballs to sink the ship before it reaches its destination.

Blackheart's Revenge.png

Overwatch Crossover

Overwatch&HeroesOfStorm Event.jpg

From November 15th – January 4th, play 15 Heroes of the Storm Games and receive:

Overwatch Rewards Heroes of the Storm Rewards
Oni Genji Skin Zarya Hero
Oni Genji Portrait Oni Genji Portrait

Oni Genji Spray

Crossover Overwatch Rewards.gif

Play 30 Games and receive:

Heroes of the Storm Rewards
Auriel Hero
Greymane Hero
Kerrigan Hero
Li-Ming Hero
Orochi Hovercycle Mount
30-Day Stimpack


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