Warframe – Nightmare Missions

Nightmare’s Back! and there’s a new system behind it. There will be a single Nightmare Nod on each planet that will last 8 hours and can be completed once before it’s reset.

New Nightmare Missions have the Nightmare modification labeled now.


With the return of Nightmare Missions, there are 3 new Mods: Streamlined Form, Drifting Contact and Chilling Reload that only drop in Nightmare Missions. Each of these new Mods are from the new difficulty system: Easy, Medium, Hard.

Easy Nightmare Missions

Planets: Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury

Nightmare Mods
Ice Storm Stunning Speed
Hammer Shot Wildfire
Accelerated Blast Blaze
Chilling Reload

Medium Nightmare Missions

Planets: Phobos, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, Void, Europa

Nightmare Mods
Seeking Fury Armored Agility
Shred Rending Strike
Fortitude Drifting Contact

Hard Nightmare Missions

Planets: Sedna, Pluto, Lua, Neptune, Uranus, Eris

Nightmare Mods
Animal Instct Vigor
Lethal Torrent Focus Energy
Constitution Streamlined Form

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