Warframe – Halloween 2016

Warframe’s 2016 Halloween Event: Hallowed Nightmares is very similar to last year’s Halloween Event except this time, there is no Caches dropping rewards and players will received a random reward from the Warframe website. The Event is a Tactical Event and will last 4 days, until November 1st.

Visit here and log into your Warframe account for your free Halloween item. It could be lucky or unlucky, you could get a skin, affinity or credit booster, or it can destroy all your catalyst.. no biggie.

Hallowed Nightmare takes away your weapons leaving only fists and dropping your health and shields to 100 (50 Endurance), you will have to make your way to the Jack-O-Naut and defeat him using the terrain. There are 3 gamemodes normal, endurance and time attack.


Mission Reward
Normal Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
Endurance Day of the Dead Sigil
Time Attack Orokin Reactor @666 (faster than 5 minutes and 56 seconds)

Also, there a Double Affinity Weekend including Halloween.


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