Warframe – The Index

The Index is a new event on Neptune featuring Nef Anyo. In the Index, there are 3 tiers of Investments. The event will last 6 days, until October 26th.Index Investments.png

In the Index, you and a party of 3 will go against Corpus Brokers whom will drop an Index Point on death. (Playing Solo will give you a party of Frost, Mag and Volt spectres) Higher up tiers requires you to collect a minimum amount of Index Points,  and also have some negative effect from the Index Points. (Such as when your carrying the Index Point, you will have lower health, energy taken or slowed.)

After obtaining an Index Point, players can try to accommodate more than turn it in or try to turn it in earlier. Being too greedy and dying with holding Index Points result in all Index Points to be lost.


Acquisition Reward
5 Investments complete The Index Badge
10 Investments complete Exilus Adapter

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