Pokemon Sun & Moon – Ultra Beasts & Pokemon Snaps

The newest trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon reveals two new Pokemon, one new alola form, new npcs, a rival and a unknown Pokemon labeled ultra beast.

Pokemon Type: Null, Jangmo-o and Raticate Alola Form are all the pokemons revealed in this trailer. Players will be searching for Zygarde’s Cells and Cores throughout the game with the Zygarde Cube.

Zygarde's Cube.png

President Lusamine, Aether’s Branch Chief Faba, Assistant Branch Chief Wicke, Aether Foundaiton employees and Team Skull’s Enforcer Gladion are all the new NPCS revealed to be in Sun & Moon.

Aether Foundation.png

Pokemon Sun & Moon will be 12-hours apart from each other and like other pokemon games different version will have different special events. There will be a Pokemon Snap feature where various spots in the game allow players to take pictures of Pokemon.


Ultra Beast is another thing that has been revealed in this trailer, the first one to be revealed is given the name UB-01 and it’s ability and lore is still unknown.


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