Path Of Exile – Essence League

Path Of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds Expansion will go live in less than 24 hours. Along with the expansion, the Essence League will also go live in both softcore and hardcore.

Essence League is pretty much strongboxes with a visual view of what monsters will spawn and instead of dropping items, will only drop a new type of currency called Essence. There is a total of 105 Essences.

Essence are essentially Orbs of Alchemy and Chaos Orb combined into one with varying tiers. Using an essence on an item will majority of the time turn normal rarity items into rare with any of the properties that the essence contains. Higher tiered essences can re-roll already rare items.

Essences can be upgraded the same way maps are, by trading in 3 of the same kind to a vendor. Tier 6 and 7 Essences can only be obtained through this method and the corrupted essence can have the most impact on your items.

Similar to strongboxes, players can also corrupted the sealed Essence crystals but it requires a Remnant of Corruption which is can be only found randomly in some Essence crystals. Corrupting Essence Crystals could yield 4 types of outcome: Higher Tier, Different Type,  Additional Essence or nothing which release the monsters from the Essence crystals and it gains extra buffs.

Just like every other league, there are a total of 40 Challenges to complete before the league ends. At every 12 challenges, you will receive a micro-transcation in the following order: Essence Footprint, Essence Back Attachment and Essence Portal Effect. 

There’s also the Totem Pole hideout decoration that will be rewarded starting from the 19th challenge and every proceeding 3rd challenge complete. The complete list of challenges can be found here.


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