Warframe – How to get Nekros Prime

Warframe Silver Grove Hotfix #3 has taken out Nyx Prime’s set of arsenal and replaced it with Nekros Prime’s. 

Nekros Prime is currently the newest Primed Warframe to be introduced. His build requirements aren’t as demanding as Vauban’s.

Death’s new master. Features unique Mod Polarities for extended customization.


Health: 100

Shield: 150

Armor: 65

Power: 125

Sprint Speed: 1.10

Polarity: 1 Naramon, Madurai, Vazarin

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Nekros Prime BP Axi N3
Nekros Prime Neuroptics Meso F1
Nekros Prime Chassis Lith N1 / Axi G1
Nekros Prime Systems Neo N3


Nekros Prime vs. Regular Nekros

  • Higher Power (+25)
  • Higher Shields (+60)
  • Additional Naramon Polarity

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