Warframe – How to get Galatine Prime

Warframe Silver Grove Hotfix #3 has taken out Nyx Prime’s set of arsenal and replaced it with Nekros Prime.

The Galatine Prime is the first primed heavy sword and is currently the highest DPS melee weapon with Tempo Royale. It also shares a mastery rank requirement of 13 with the Tigris Prime.

Only the Tenno were strong enough to wield this noble beast of a weapon.


Physical Total: 165

Impact: 4.1

Puncture: 4.1

Slash: 156.8

Attack Speed: 1.0

Critical Chance: 20%

Critical Damage: 200%

Status Chance: 20%

Polartiy: 2 Madurai

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Galatine Prime BP Axi G1
Galatine Prime Blade Neo V3 / Neo V2 / Meso S2
Galatine Prime Handle Neo V2


Galatine Prime vs Regular Galatine

  • +1 Impact & Puncture Damage
  • +38 Slash Damage
  • +10% Critical Chance

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