Warframe – Titania

Titania is currently Warframe’s newest Warframe released on the Silver Grove Update.

Titania is obtainable her unique questline, Silver Grove or through the market.

Foundry Cost


 Alloy Plate  Neurodes Polymer Bundles Circuits Credits
1,500 2 2,500 700 15,000


 Nitain Extract Ferrite Rubedo Tellurium Credits
3 3,000 900 1 15000


 Control Module Plastids Cryotic Tellurium Credits
1 800 2,200 1 15,000


  • 100 HEALTH
  • 100 SHIELD
  • 65 ARMOR
  • 100 POWER


 Skill  Effect
Spellbind Enemies fumble their weapons as they are whisked into the air. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects.
Tribute Extract an offering from an enemy in the form of a random Ability Buff. Survivor’s attacks are weakened.
Lantern Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades and finally exploding.
Razorwing Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies.



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