Heroes of the Storm – Machines of War

Revealed at Gamescom 2016 is Heroes of the Storm’s next major update that will include the addition of 2 new heroes, 2 new maps, an in-game event and a whole lot of cosmetic additions such as Kerrgan’s Legendary Skin: Queen of Ghosts, Raider Rexxar, Butcherlisk and many more. 

Kerrigan Legendary Skin.jpg

In Machines Of War, the two new heroes will be Assassin Alarak from Starcraft and Warrior Zarya from Overwatch.

Alarak BG

The 2 new maps revealed were Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction.

Braxis Holdout will have teams fighting over to capture beacons that will fill a holding cell with zergs. Once the holding cell is completely full, it will be unleashed on the opposing team.

Braxxis Map.jpg

Warhead Junction will be having each team collect Warheads spawn occasionally and randomly on the map, use the Warheads drop to activate a nuke on the opposing team’s base.

Warhead Map.jpg





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