Path Of Exile – Atlas of Worlds

Path Of Exile – Atlas of Worlds is the newest incoming expansion that adds roughly 50% more maps to the map pools while introducing new features such as the Shaper’s Orb which upgrades a map by 5 tiers and much more. It will release on September 2nd.

New Maps

In Atlas of Worlds, there will be 30 new areas to explore with the introduction of the atlas. Roughly each map tier is going to receive 2 new maps. Each new area also has new bosses. Tier 16 maps are being introduced in this expansion and each features a unique boss: Minotaur , Chimera, Hydra & Phoenix, if you defeat each of them and combine the map item they drop, you will be given the chance to challenge the Shaper.

New Items

Atlas of Worlds Update features the addition of higher level base items such as an upgrade to the Iron Ring base, Steel Ring or the new base Bone Helmet, increasing minion damage.

each map now has unique item drop types. These are armor pieces with a guaranteed boon connected to them, meaning you can plan your build around being 100% sure your armor will have said boon on it. For instance, around the graveyard sector on the North – North-East side of the map, there is a scenario that drops the Bone Helmet.

Challenge League

You can’t have a new expansion without a new challenge league. In Atlas of Worlds, the 3-month challenge league is going to be Essence. Essence is a challenge league where occasionally players will find a group of monsters trapped and freeing them will reward an essence, each essence either as a multitude of possible effects or a single unique effect. Majority of the essence will  upgrade a normal rarity item into a rare with one of the properties indicated by the essence and the item type.


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