Diablo 3 – Season 7

Diablo 3: Season 7 starts today (August 5th) and will last approximately three months. This new Season 7 will be the first season that will include up to Torment XIII (17).

Season 7 D3.png

Season 7 for Diablo 3 doesn’t have much changes, all that is new is Patch 2.4.2 changes to each class, new Conquests and new class sets awarded by the Haedrig’s Gift.

Class Item Set
Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes
Crusader Roland’s Legacy
Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence
Monk Raiment of a Thousand Storms
Witch Doctor Helltooth Harness
Wizard Tal Rasha’s Elements


Season 7 Class Sets.jpg

Season 7 Rewards consist of the Conqueror Helmet and Shoulder transmog alongside a new winter themed portrait frame and Demon Unicorn pet, each rewarded after completing a certain achievements.

Season 7 Rewards.jpg


Season 7 has a few returning conquest alongside some new ones. Conquest will test player’s speed, ability to clear greater rifts and other numerous challenges.

Season 7 Conquests


Is the name of your game speed, speed, speed? Then you might want to focus on Conquests like Sprinter and Speed Racer, which challenge you to complete the entire campaign in under an hour. We’re continuing to include staple experiences, such as solo Greater Rift pursuits with Divinity andLionhearted, as well as Legendary Gem refinement with On a Good Day and I Can’t Stop. Finally, if you’re looking for a more brain-teaser style of challenge, put together your own “set” of Legendaries and conquer a Greater Rift 45 without the use of any Set Items via The Thrill and Super Human!


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